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So...you wish to learn about *Me*??  ...Mwahahaha...

Ryo Dark of ShiroiTsubasa.com


~Basic Info~

Online Alias: Ryo Dark (After my Dark Elf character that I made up in 9th grade...see pics in My Art).  Click HERE for the history of her story, Yami no Ko (Child of Darkness).

Nicknames ~ Lina, Li, Mrs. Camui, Pyro, Psycho, etc.

Gender ~ Contrary to popular belief (you wouldn't believe how many people think I'm a guy), nope, sorry, I'm a girl.

Sign ~ Virgo

Zodiac Sign ~ I am the Ox.  Strong and hardworking, apparently.  HAHA no.



Anime Series ~ Fruits Basket, Yami no Matsuei, Neon Genesis Evangelion, Vision of Escaflowne, Shoujo Kakumei Utena, Kare Kano, X the Series, Hellsing, Hikaru no Go

Anime Movie ~ End of Evangelion, Princess Mononoke, A Girl in Gaea, Adolescence of Utena, Knockin' on Heaven's Door, Vampire Hunter D: Bloodlust

Manga ~ Anything CLAMP esp. Chobits and X/1999, Inu-Yasha, and Peach Girl

Live-Action Movie ~ Jaws, Silence of the Lambs, The Matrix, horror movies (yay!)

Book ~ The "His Dark Materials" trilogy, "The Little Prince"

Color ~ Purple, then black and blood red

Number ~ 5

Food ~ Ramen, cheeseburgers, pickles, mushrooms, gohan!

Flower ~ Purple morning glories, roses

School Subject ~ Photography, drawing, acting, Japanese

Animal ~ Horses, big cats, foxes

Holiday ~ Halloween!  I LOVE dressing up!  See, I never got to play "dress-up" as a child, and thus, I am going through that phase now with lots of cosplay.

Actor ~ Orlando Bloom and Johnny Depp (for hotness).  Alan Rickman, Johnny Depp, Martin Sheen, and Jack Nicholson (for pure acting skill).

Video Game ~ Soul Caliber II, Zelda, Super Smash Bros., Perfect Dark, Final Fantasy (I do favor Nintendo as I grew up with it).

Music ~ I love ALL music.  Except for American rap and pop.  I like anime and J-Music. I LOOOVE Malice Mizer and Gackt.  I LOVE 80's music too, being born as an 80's girl.  I also am fond of hard, metal, and punk rock with influence from my older brother.

Pastimes ~ Talking on the phone, surfing on the net, playing my cello (10 years and going ^-^), drawing, taking photographs, horseback riding, watching anime, walking in nature, working on my websitey.

People ~ Androgyny!  I dunno, I love girly boys and boyish girls, in anime and real-life.  And I love love love pretty Asian boys.  Of course, let's not forget the importance of a good personality.  I dig artistic, outgoing, and fun peeps with a good sense of humor.


~Least Favorites~

Anime ~ Appleseed, Armitage III, Blood: The Last Vampire, Kite

Food ~ Split pea soup and spinach and cooked carrots (raw is good!)

School Subject ~ Math and science

Colour ~ Puce...or maroon.

Music ~ American Rap, although I *do* listen to Eminem...

Number ~ 13 (I am superstitious!)

Pastimes ~ Homework >.<

People ~ Close-minded people, homophobic people...overly-religious people (these three go hand-in-hand often).  Druggies, wannabes, and people who think they're superior to everyone else suck.  And YANKEES SUCK.  GO RED SOX!


~The Other People Behind ShiroiTsubasa.com~

Kurai Tsubasa (Dark Wing) is a solitary kinda guy, who likes to work behind the scenes and to not be bothered, which is why there is very little of him actually on the site (cause *I* do all the work!  Seriously, everything including even the background is made from scratch!  But I digress).  He is extremely talented when it comes to computers, and saved my butt more than a couple of times.  While I was freaking out in the corner, worried that my site was done for, he was fiddling with HTML and other stuff that I don't understand, in order to get our sitey up and functioning.  He also gave me the idea for the site (as well as from the wallpaper) except *his* name for the page was 'kuroi tsubasa' (black wing) and that domain was taken (sorry dude!).  He takes many forms, friend, mentor, and web server.  We appreciate him for hosting us and getting us started!

~~Arigatou Kurai-kun!


Mystfire is one of my great friends.  I met her first day of Japanese class three years ago and we've been pals since.  Along with Japanese and anime, one of our shared interests is horses.  Mystfire is an accomplished rider with a beautiful horse named Avalon.  Mystfire gets credit on my site for her anime reviews.  She's written the majority of reviews posted and therefore has become my official "Reviewer."  She loves mahou shojo anime and bishonen.  Among these bishis are Nicholas Tse, the Gundam Wing boys, and Inu-Yasha.  We appreciate all her efforts toward filling up that empty reviews page with honest reviews.

~~Arigatou Mystfire-chan!