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Title: Akira

Translated: N/A

Form of Anime: Movie/Manga

Released in the U.S.: Yes

Ryo Dark says: Don't read this review if you feel that Akira is 'one of the all-time anime classics.' You will most indefinitely feel offended. XP  In my own opinion, I did not like this anime much at all, I have to agree with Ji-chan.

Akira culties please do not take this personally! I watched this movie completely unbiased and with an open mind! Now despite drugs, nudity, speedy bike chases and pretty lights, this movie falls short COMPLETELY!

It is about gangs combined with government conspiracy in the future Tokyo. Kaneda (the protagonist) is the leader of a hardcore bike gang who rivals these weirdo clowns (AAAAA CLOWNS). He has a sort-of little brother figure named Tetsuo (they grew up at the same orphanage) who despite his effort, cannot be anything in the gang but looked down upon.

One day while the gang was having a fight with the clowns (big speedy violent chase scene on bikes), Tetsuo sees a strange blue child in front of him and there is a BIG explosion. The government/police comes and takes the gang away to test Tetsuo's psychic powers and question Kaneda and the others. The gang eventually works their way out of it and in the process Kaneda saves a girl named Kei from also being questioned and attempts hitting on her (she eventually just runs away). Tetsuo gets tested for a while and it is found out he has quite an interesting aura and then there's this freaky trippy scene where he's attacked by his toys (SCARY BIG TEDDY BEAR!).

 One thing leads to another and it's found out that the toys are actually projections of the three freaky blue children (who aren't really children but old people on screwy meds to control their aging because the government needs their psychic powers). So Tetsuo breaks out of his confinement and kills a crapload of people in the process to go and find the three kids and in the meantime Kaneda meets up with Kei again and they break into the place where Tetsuo is!

They eventually all meet up in a psychotic commotion and Tetsuo once again escapes after he finds out that there's someone named Akira who is supposedly more powerful than him in another government base below an Olympic stadium (oh yea, Tetsuo is psychotic with his psychic power now). Tetsuo goes to find Akira because since he's crazy now, he can't stand the thought of someone being more powerful than him. And then a buncha other crap happens too where he destroys a whole lotta stuff and riots start as Tokyo starts to fall apart!

So Tetsuo finds Akira and discovers that he is really a buncha test tubes which makes Tetsuo laugh and then his arm starts to turn into a huge lump of meat which glorgs all over the place (it's quite gross). Kaneda goes to stop him (because he wants to save his old friend). Kaneda gets a laser gun and he and Testuo fight for a while. Kaneda is loosing horribly but then the government shoots a laser beam from space that stops everything. Suddenly the test tubes that are Akira turn into a little boy who blows up everything (did I mention Tetsuo was nuthin' but a blob the size of a skyscraper right now?).

At the end, Kaneda, Kei and a gang member are still alive after the explosion and 'everything starts anew.' Wooooow, what an awesome movie...

Music: 5 stars out of 5 (excellent)

Animation: 3 stars out of 5 (the people are grotesque but the chase scenes rock arse)

Plot: 2 stars out of 5 (can we say: random excuse for violence??)

Character Development: 2 stars out of 5 (wait, who WAS that guy?!)

Overall: 2.5 stars out of 5 (fugetaboutit)