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Here we have the fanart (and original art), all pertaining to *duh* anime (as if you haven't gotten the gist of this site yet!)  If you want me to post something of yours, just send it to me with your name and I'll post it with proper credit.  See?  You even get your own page!


You MAY NOT use the following (2) pictures on your page without the consent of myself and/or the artist, as they are materials that I have paid and/or begged for.  ^__^

by Kyla by Marti


~Fanart by Artist~

Frederick Bills     Michi Chu

Jamie     Shuichi-chan

Mikomi     Michelle     Kat

Fanboy     Wataru     Exel

Will Chinn     Ryoko

Tensai Tuking     Lando

Jayron Zapanta     Taka and Keichirou

Other Fanartists