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Okay, okay, I know, I'm a bad bad person, right?  How dare I neglect my poor sitey for so long!!  Well, this school year has really been time-intensive.  I took the norm of 16 credits, but on top of that I had a job, was the treasurer of our Japanese Culture club, and was webmistress of the Science-Fiction and Fantasy Society, not to mention I'm again doing Karaoke for ConBust this year.  Still, I attempt to keep some sort of social life in tact, and I have a boyfriend again.  So I have my plate full.  But, I'm not planning on stopping updates.  They just might be more like, few and far between sometimes.  ^^;

Here's a big update.  New counter, holiday-oriented splash page pic, new animated LJ icons, lotsa new Wallpapers (Peach Girl, NieA_7, Aa! Megami-sama, Dragonball Z, Spiral, Other Kaori Yuuki Works, Other Anime, and Miscellaneous), fixed up the Links page, a few new pictures in My Art, new Fanart, and a new J-weekly.

Winter break is here, so I have some breathing time.  After I immerse myself in social-ness with friends and whatnot, I may have time to work on the site again.  At that point I WILL get the new videos up (I have quite a few requests), and I WILL get the VERY VERY LATE Otakon and SSFFS Chess game photos up in Cosplay (even if it kills me!), and get the new poll gallery up for the love of God.  Awards too, will be done, if I'm feeling the love.  Until then awards are kinda on a hiatus.  Gotta do those Japan trip photos too...oh how my work is never over!  Anyone want to write reviews for ShiroiTsubasa.com?  Email me.

Next, I was hesitant to do this but if you feel so inclined, friend me on LJ.  It's mostly a personal blog of my boring life but hey, I like connecting with people.  Here is the link http://www.livejournal.com/userinfo.bml?user=ryodark.

Finally, here's a blatant pimp for the ever awesome DVD VISION JAPAN.  For major cons that I also can attend, I act as the photographer among other (at bottom) things (yay!).  Kudos to the hard-working and ever-compassionate staff for making such an incredible review site!

Have a good one!

~~Ryo Dark



AHHH!  Otakon is closing in on me quickly!  Not much time left to finish my Luffy costume.  I hope I can do it in time!  In webbie news, I got a new J-Weekly up, and 4 *hot* new wallpapers in other anime walls.  In the spirit of summer, the new walls feature buxom, sexy babes in swimsuits.  ^.~



~7.2.04 - 7.10.04~

WELCOME to the new and improved ShiroiTsubasa.com!  Okay, so it's just a new layout (Ice Blue Eyes based on the song of the same name from Rurouni Kenshin), but I have worked SO hard the past week, lemme tell you, to launch this new layout and stuffs.  Okay, let's get the details outta the way: new J-weekly, HOLY CRAP I UPDATED THE VIDEOS PAGE OMG, Check the Anime Boston 04 pics (They're finally up under Cosplay!), HOLY CRAP I UPDATED THE HONORARY POLL GALLERY (start voting in the new poll, people!), and lastly some new walls in Miscellaneous, Other Anime, Wish, and X/1999.

Still to come, I AM GOING TO do those damn awards one of these days, but I think I've done enough work for this week, so that can wait a bit.  And I have the page up, but still to come are my crazy amounts of photos from Japan.  Please wait for them!  Also, I'd like to add more links to the links page soon.  Durr, no matter how much work I do, there's always more to work on.  Well, I hope everyone appreciates it, cause at least that would make it worth it!

~~Ryo Dark

P.s. Hmm...Reviews too.  Gotta make more of those...maybe I can pester Mystfire-chan soon.  Hmm...



'Nother mini update.  Two new walls in Other Anime.  .hack//Legend of the Twilight, and Chrono Crusade.  Scanned from the latest issue of Newtype XD  All for now!




Whoo!  Hauled ass today and got out 4 more wallpapers.  Three are at the bottom of "Other Anime" (Hellsing, Tiny Snow Fairy Sugar, and one unknown), and one in Aa! Megami-sama walls.  Nothing else to report at the moment, but have fun with those for now.  I really like the Hellsing one! XP




Jesus, I've been a bad webmistress!  I've neglected my site for a month!  AGH!  Okay, well, I hoped to have a big update for you all, but I hope I can satiate you for a bit with some new wallpapers (and a new J-weekly).  One new wallpaper in Other Anime of Glass Hearts, one in Aa! Megami-sama, one of Anthy and Akio in Revolutionary Girl Utena, and 2 new in Peach Girl (I bought the Artbook).  I have a few more that are almost done, so I'll get those up within the next few days.  I have a list right next to me that lists what I still need to do.  1) videos 2) awards 3) Anime Boston 04 pics 5) New layout.  That's the big stuff.  Reviews will come when I have time, inspiration, or help.  Anyone out there?  Write me a review?  Pleeease?  Meh, it was worth a shot.  Okay people, it's late, I'm outies.




I'd like to first state that COMCAST IS THE BANE OF MY EXISTENCE.  My internet has been down in long spurts for 2 weeks.  It's very annoying!!!  I made another new wallpaper for Videogames, Camilla from Castlevania.  Also a new J-weekly.  I'd have more new stuff if the darn internet would just work ;_;




At long last, I'm home.  Barely in one piece; finals were brutal.  In any case, I bring you, amongst the busy life of finding work, 3 new wallpapers.  All in Videogames, since that was begging to be updated.  There are 2 from Castlevania, and one with the new character design for Link.  Have any Zelda fans out there SEEN the screenshots from the trailer at e3?  Oh my god, I'm SO looking forward to the first REALISTIC Zelda game for Gamecube.  WOOT!  Oh also, new J-weekly. More to come later!




Hey, a sort of update!  Classes ended today, but I still have finals to look forward to *rolls eyes.*  In any case, updated J-weekly, have a new fanart in "My Art" for Weebl and Bob, and a new wallpaper in "Other Anime" of Spike from Cowboy Bebop.  I really should organize the wallpapers...put them in some discernable order.  I wish I had done it chronologically.  But that's the last thing on my mind.  As soon as I get home in a week and a half, I'm gonna start working on that delayed new layout.  And the Anime Boston photos...and those damn videos.  Agh.  I need the summer NOW.  Also, I'm really excited cause the job that I succeeded in getting on campus next year will teach me to use Dreamweaver, and HTML and Adobe Illustrator, and various other cool shiz that I can use to make this site better.  MWAHA.




2 New pics in my art...I've gone nuts with schoolwork and drawing is my only solace, you understand.




New J-weekly up, and today's a two for one deal!




I'm sure most of you are not interested in this update, but I posted a new series of drawings in "My Art" of an anthro Neopets bunny.  I think it came out pretty well, and I'm happy that I'm getting less sloppy with CG.




You can tell from how updates are staying sparse that I'm in the midst of what I like to call the "Hell Month of College."  This includes 8-10 page papers in each of my classes, and a final exam to prepare for in each as well.  Meaning, Ryo is one stressed out little elf.  However, somehow I still manage to bring you something.  Today we have one new wallpaper in Jrock, of Miyavi, and another new fanart in Jayron Zapanta's gallery.  No new J-weekly yet, though.  Fear not, once summer hits, expect tons of goodies to hit Shiroitsubasa.com.  If you've followed my site for over a year, you know that every summer for one week I go to the Cape.  I don't have internet access there, but I bring my computer and always crank out 10-20 wallpapers while I'm there.  So I'm hoping that I'll still have the energy and imagination when I get there!

~~Ryo Dark



2 new fanarts in Jayron Zapanta's gallery.  A new Mana wallpaper in J-rock, and a new J-weekly.  Anime Boston 2004 was such a blast and I took over 100 photos @_@ so it'll take me a while to resize all of them for posting.  Gimme some time and I'll have a full con report up eventually!




Photos from ConBust 2004 are up in Cosplay.  One new LJ icon, and 3 wallpapers (2 in Misc, of SEXY SEXY Shibue Jyoji, and one in Videogames).  Just so you all know, I have sold my soul to the devil.  Sailor Moon was the second anime I got into, after Pokemon, and it was one of my worser obsessions.  Well it's back again, thanks to Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon, the live action series.  With 25 episodes downloaded and more coming out by the week, I'm so far gone that Mamoru's actor, Shibue Jyoji, has tied with Gackt on my obsessive crush scale.  I probably won't update for a while, until after Anime Boston (this weekend, holy crap!)  But I'll be back with photos from Anime Boston, a new J-weekly, and I'll finally post those pics in the honorary gallery.  Looks like Angel Sanctuary's gonna win!  ^_^

~~Ryo <---still on layout hiatus...



I've decided to shut down the website.  I'm so sorry everyone, but I just don't have the time for this anymore.  I've worked so hard on this site for two years but I just don't feel motivated anymore.  I leave you with a final new J-Weekly, and a new section of Spiral wallpapers.  Thank you everyone for your support these past two years, it's been a good one.

Ryo, signing off.

April Fools.  hehe.  I would never shut down, silly.



Several new animated LJ icons, and a new wall of Gackt in Jrock, and another new wall in I"s.  Hey...aren't I supposed to be on hiatus??




Okay, I realize I've been a bad webmistress lately, not updating in over a month, and it's not about to get better.  I had so much planned for ShiroiTsubasa.com's second birthday on March 20th, a snazzy new layout that I've been working on putting together, but I just can't do it right now.  I'm really busy with preparing for not one, but TWO cons, a week apart from eachother.  The first is Smith College's own con, ConBust, the first weekend of April.  I'm on the committee, and I have to finish working on the karaoke shtuff.  And then there's Anime Boston, which I need all the time I can get to work on my costume.  So please forgive me!  I promise I'll update as soon as I can, but April is looking like Hell.  I'll have finals to prepare for and tons of projects, so I may not be able to actually get a bulk update up again until May, when school ends.  But persevere my friends, I'm not the kind of webmistress that makes false promises.  I WILL update on occasion, but as to big projects for the site, I'm just taking a temporary hiatus.  I hope you can understand!  ^_^

~~Ryo Dark



Five wallpapers up in the new section for Record of Lodoss War.  Please check it out!  New J-Weekly up too!  And if you're reading this, the server should be up and running well again, btw.




Added (five!) new wallpapers in Other Anime Walls.  Am dying to buy FFXI.  Just thought I'd say that.  I'm really sorry about the downtime the site has had the past couple days...Comcast is being retarded and so our server has been down.  GOMEN!




Hope everyone had a good V-day!  Added three new wallpapers, one in Utena of Juri and Shiori, and a Tokyo Mew Mew one and Sorcerer Hunters one in Other Anime.  Also added several new animated LJ avatars.  Toodles!




Happy Friday the 13th (oooh, scawwy!), and Happy early Valentine's Day!  Or to those who prefer it (like me), have a not-too-lonely Single's Awareness Day with some single friends!




Added a Neopets art commission to My Art.  Zats eet.

~~Ryo Dark



Got to use my friend's scanner, so scanned in a bunch of older and newer drawings to add in My Art.  Yep, that's it, I have tons of walls in progress, but am too stressed out right now to finish em.  Surry!




Added three more wallpapers, one Utena, one Angel Sanctuary, and the cute CLAMP Campus Detectives one on the main page for V-day.  I'm very anti-V-day, as I am single, but we can use some cute hearts now and then!




So, okay, it's 2 in the morning, and this is now a great time to update!  Well, put up a new Clover wall (up to 199 now, I wonder if that'll last.  I feel another urge to "spring clean" coming on).  I wanted to make some Furuba walls, but the creativity wasn't flowing cause the Clover one took me so long to make.  Later though, I'll do em.  Added 2 more LJ icons, and a V-day themed Neopets pic to My Art.  Updated some dead links on the links page, and made a cute V-day themed splash pic.  The scan is from the CLAMP South Side artbook.  More to come soon!  I'm feeling productive!




Ha!  I knew I'd find a moment to procrastinate.  Okay, so, I put up new wallpapers in D.N.Angel, Angel Sanctuary, Saiyuki, Other Anime Walls, Shoujo Kakumei Utena, Miscellaneous, and Neon Genesis Evangelion.  In My Art, and on the main page, you can find a link to all the animated LJ icons I've made, including some new ones.  Posted a very interesting J-weekly.  Now you too can speak Kansai ben!  Updated the Mascots and About Ryo page too.  And I commissioned my friend Kuroe to write some reviews!  Exciting!!  Hope I can get those vids up soon, I hate that page being so stale.  And awards too!  Ack, more work to do, but at least I got some stuff done.  I'm gonna be very busy soon working on my costumes (yes, plural) for Anime Boston, and I must make oodles of CD's for the Conbust Karaoke room.  Ack, so much work to do! And that's not even including my school work!  >.>;

~~Ryo Dark

BTW, my trip to Kyoto was MORE THAN A BLAST.  I know the link on the main page takes you to unsorted yucky links to huge photos.  I plan on going through every last one and resizing them, and thumbnailing them.  I took over 400 photos in only two weeks there (*_*), but 50 of those photos accidentally got deleted cause of the stupid memory card malfunction...  ;_;



OKAY!  I'm writing to you all from my new computer!  I went home specifically this weekend to get it.  It's *much* faster than my old one, and while Diablo was a good laptop for a long time, it's time to move on.  My new lappie is called "Tsubasa Hime," and it's a girl ^.~  Anyways, updates wise, I have several wallpapers to add, and other odds and ends.  I'm too tired to do it tonight, but classes have started so there'll be much time to procrastinate.  Be sure that I'll get things updated soon (and I really DO plan on updating those vids one of these bloody days!)  Oh, and Happy February! (the clock just hit midnight hehe).




Nothing much, but I taught myself to make animated gifs and have gone crazy with it.  Added all the new gifs I made in "My Art."  They're all made for Livejournal icons, since I went and got a livejournal for myself...but I think they turned out well.  Feel free to use them, but please give me credit!




Happy New Year everyone!  Whoo is it weird to be writing '04 now.  Hope everyone had a fun and safe holiday and New Year's Eve.  I'm really sorry I haven't updated much, all I did today was a new J-Weekly, and I added a fanart to Jayron Zapanta's gallery.  I have some wallpapers that are close to being done and some art I could add to My Art, but I don't have much time for that at the moment.  I'm going back to school on the 5th, and I leave for Japan on the 8th, so I have to get ready.  Classes don't start until the 26th, so I'll have a few days after my return from Japan.  I plan on posting a bunch of photos from my trip there.  I'm very very excited!  ^____^  Don't worry, I promise to put up some new videos and reviews one of these days, I just haven't had time lately.  Damn social life ^.~




Put up the next gallery in Honorary Gallery!  The winner of the catgirl poll was none other than Meruru of Escaflowne!  Enjoy~




A good mood, no more classes, and tons of motivation for wallpapers!  Okay, we were 5 walls away from 200, so I went through all the wallpaper pages and deleted the absolutely stupid wallpapers (granted, there are still some bad ones from when I first started in there, as some I kept for nostalgic purposes).  But so, now I'm back down to 188 (don't fret, lots more walls to come).  Anyways, I kind went D.N.Angel crazy this time, with 5 or 6 new walls there.  Also, there's a Weiss Kreuz wallpaper of Aya up in Other Anime Walls.  You'll notice some wall pages are gone.  I moved whatever wallpapers I liked of some pages, such as Argento Soma, into Other Anime Walls.  Okay, now on to more Utena walls!  I want to do some more Yami no Matsuei, X/1999, and Angel Sanctuary walls too, if I can find some good source material.  Off I go again!




Right, *major* procrastination effort here.  Seven new wallpapers, three in Card Captor Sakura, one new one in Utena (with lots more coming), a new Xmas one (now on the index page) in Other Anime, and two in the new section for Clover.  New J-Weekly too.  Whoo, I'm tired, I gots to go.

~~Ryou Daaku



Wagh!  I have two huge papers due tomorrow, but you know what?  Procrastination+stress=inspiration.  I've begun a whole batch of new Utena, Hikago, and Clover Wallpapers, which probably won't be done for a while, but I did finish one X-mas themed Utena wallpaper, that you can even view on the main page.  Also finished a redo of a Neopets pic in My Art.  That's all for now, folks!




Happy December everyone!  Not much to add here, but I put up a happy holiday-oriented pic on the splash page.  Also added a new wallpaper to My Art of Ryo and Kurai, and a new J-Weekly's up (I'm glad to hear you people like the J-Weekly section, so I made this week's entry particularly useful!).  Anyways, the next two weeks are gonna be hella busy since it's the end of the term, but I'll be home around the 17th.  I'm gonna be working a lot, but I might have some time for an update before I leave for Japan (I'm going to Kyoto for the month of January!!!)  I'm gonna have to make an all new page for all the photos I take in Kyoto!  Well, if I don't update for a while, Happy Solstice, Happy Hanukkah, Happy Kwanzaa and Merry Christmas!

~~Ryo, over and out!



Hiya ladies and germs!  Okay, so in a fit of pms-induced creativity, I took a bunch of scans from the Sai Artbook (Hikaru no Go) and made wallpapers.  You can find them in the new Hikaru no Go section of the wallpapers.  They're fun and pretty, whee!  Also added a Zetsuai wallpaper in Other Anime Walls.  I kinda went nuts with background-making, and I'm not even done.  Once I finish summore Hikago walls, I'll be moving on to more Utena ones, since I have lots of great new scans to make pretty pictures with.  This is good because I haven't made decent wallpapers in a while.  New J-Weekly too.  Oh, also, I had a super dream last night.  Malice Mizer (complete with Gackt and Kami), came to my high school to play and for some reason they were staying at my house while they were here.  They were all really nice and funny and for some reason spoke perfect English.  They even autographed my poster!  Then...I woke up.  Dammit!  >_<  Well, catch you all later!

~~Ryo Dark



Hey everyone, it's Ryo.  Thank you so much for all your kind words and support, they really cheered me up.  I'm feeling a bit more emotionally stable right now, and I was inspired to finish version 5.0's layout "Murasaki Yoru."  The buttons and banners feature Messiah from Earthian.  And I added more link me banners.  So yea, I did that instead of researching for my temple project due tomorrow...ahhhh!  *Bangs head against computer*  ...Speaking of computers, I'm getting a new one!  I'm sorry to have to let Beast go, god knows I love him, but he's gettin' on in years.  Talk to y'all later!




Yo all, your friendly neighborhood webmaster, Kurai, here.  Ryo's in a tough position right now, as school's gotten pretty rough lately, so you have to excuse her for lack of updates.  I'm updating for her so she can have a little rest.  There's a new wallpaper up in Jrock, of Malice Mizer, and a new J-Weekly.  There should be new Vids by the end of the month, hopefully, so cross your fingers.  Hope everyone had a good Halloween, and let's hope Ryo cheers up, she could use some support right about now.




Whee for an update!  Okay, so my *retarded* digital camera decided it would be cool to delete half the pictures from the SSFFS Live-Action chess game, but nevertheless, I managed to salvage the pictures from before the game began.  Please view the shibby cosplay under the "Cosplay" page.  Also, there is a new J-Weekly out!  Wheeeee!  Oh crap, I have a paper on Geisha due Monday...I should probably start that @_@ AHHH!


P.s. Since I pro'lly won't update again 'til after Halloween, I just want to wish everyone a good one!  I'm going in my Klaha coat again, this time just as a goth.  I really am happy to find a chance to wear that coat again.  It took so much effort, I'd like to wear it more than once, you know?  XP



I must not have been very clear.  I am NOT taking mp3 requests anymore, simply because the risk is too high to use WinMX to search for them, and because I can't take the risk of posting them here and getting caught.  I WILL however, send you your requested mp3 if you were one of the 50~ish people that requested mp3's before the page went down.  Other than this note, Jayron Zapanta sent me more fanart to post, including the first page of a manga.  Very nice art!!

~~Ryo Dark



Hot damn, I love working on my website, even at three in the freaking morning when I still have work to do.  Ah well, I added a new Fanart Gallery for Jayron Zapanta, go check it out!  It's quite nice work!  Don't forget, if you still want your request mp3, email me at ryodark@yahoo.com or catch me on AIM as ryodark.  I may be able to send you your request through AIM.




Added three new piece to "My Art," that I'm rather proud of colouring-wise.  Added the ConBust link to my Links page, and added a few of Michi's photographs to the Otakon section in Cosplay.  That is all.  Time for bed!  ZZZZzzzz.

~~Ryo Dark



yoru wa murasaki namida ga furu
watashi no kawari ni sora ga naku no

yoru wa gunjou hoshi ga furu
watashi no kawari ni tsuki ga utau no

tears fall from the purple night sky above
the sky cries on my behalf.

stars fall from the ultramarine night sky above.
the moon sings on my behalf.

~Vampire Princess Miyu - Miyu Yachiyo (Miyu Eternal)~'

Alright, so right now it's *technically* October 3'd, but ah heck, I've been working on this update all day!  So tireeeedd... ~.~;

Updates: Ok, finally something here...Since it is no longer Summer, I had to change the background on the site.  Unfortunately, that's the only thing I had time for, so all buttons and banners remain the same, which is why this is Version 4.5 and not Version 5.0.  Ok, I have oodles of new art in "My Art," a new J-Weekly, I finally got some freaking awards out, added 2 new link me banners, and I DID post the videos.  On top of that, I redid ALL the review pages and added pictures to those that had none.  There's a new review, for Wolf's Rain by Mystfire, and I fixed the link to the Hellsing Review.  I even *finally* put up the Gackt Honorary Gallery.  Check it out as it is pretty and huge!

As you may have noticed, the mp3 page is defunct and the button for it has been removed.  This is the result of the RIAA lawsuits as of late.  Remember not too long ago when I had to temporarily remove the page because the RIAA had warned me about it?  Well, this time it's for good.  Since the RIAA already warned me and therefore knows who I am, I can't take the risk of posting copyrighted mp3's anymore.  This is much to my dismay, and I can't express to you in text how pissed off I am about this whole situation, but honestly, I cannot AFFORD (ie. $$) to be sued.  I hope you can all forgive me, I did my best.  ;_;  And MANY APOLOGIES TO THOSE WHO HAD REQUESTS THAT WERE ABOUT TO BE POSTED WHEN THE PAGE WENT DOWN.  If you still want your request mp3, email me at ryodark@yahoo.com or catch me on AIM as ryodark.  I may be able to send you your request somehow.

~~Ryo Dark

P.s. Happy October everyone!  I've already begun preparing for Halloween.  MWAHAHA MY FAVORITE HOLIDAY!



Ahhh, GOD it's been a while!   Hisashiburi de!  Let's get some things out of the way.  For the heck of it, there is a new J-weekly, a Hellsing review up, a new (and horribly made) Gackt wall in Jrock, and I got another award for myself.  Ok, now bad things.

1) College is TIME OCCUPYING dammit.  Well, as soon as I can manage my time better, expect more updates.  I swear this.  However, since I am not at home, it takes a long time for BEAST (my compie) to publish the site.  Updates will undoubtedly be few(er) and far(ther) between than during the summer.

2) Kurai took down the mp3 and vid pages without my consent.  He does not want either of us to get into trouble, what with the RIAA suing the freaking pants off people lately.  While Kurai will bring back vids, we are still discussing what do do with the mp3's.  I shall do my best to get those to return soon, but I can't make promises, unfortunately, even though that month-late mp3 update was all ready to go. >.<

On another note, since arriving at Smith College, I have joined SSFFS (Smith Science-Fiction and Fantasy Society), more specifically MANIACCS, the anime/manga part.  I am now on the comitee to help with CONBUST, Smith's own Anime/SF/Fantasy con!!  It's the weekend before Anime Boston 2004 in April, and you should come if you live nearby Northampton, Mass.  Girls will abound.  Boys, please come.  Lots of girls.  I swear this.  Anyway, visit http://sophia.smith.edu/ssffs/ or http://sophia.smith.edu/conbust/ for info on such things.  ALSO, I'm EIGHTEEN NOW!  WHOO.  My bday was at the end of August.  To end on a high note, I am GOING TO JAPAN in January!  WHOOHOO!

~~Ryo Dark



Today, I only updated J-Weekly and added more Neopets art in My Art, but I do have summore news.  My sister is getting married this Saturday and we're all very busybusy.  But, early congrats to my big sister on that!  Also, after this month's mp3 and vid update, I'm cutting off taking requests for a while.  Searching for people's requests takes up a ton of my time and I do not want that screwing up my time management when I get to college.  Sooo, until I know that I will have time to do stuff like that, I'm not gonna except requests.  I think I'll post a list of all my mp3's and people can request from that instead of me looking for requests.  It's just too complex, sorry.  Man, what a downer.  Well, I'm all registered for Anime Boston 2004, so now it's official. ^^;




Lydia said LotR would have been better if Aragorn had been played by Johnny Depp.  Ryo thinks Lydia is a genius.  Did you know that Viggo Mortensen is the uncle of one of Ryo's classmates?!  Insane.  He could have been at Ryo's GRADUATION.  Wow.  But see, imagine Johnny Depp as Aragorn and Orlando Bloom as Legolas...imagine the slash...yea.  Someone needs to create Jack Sparrow and Legolas Greenleaf slashart.  Ryo wants.  That is all.

~~Everyone should view the PotC piccys Ryo collected below.....



Booored.  I'm so bored in fact, that I'm writing my own reviews.  What the hell?  So far up is Kite (hated it) and Evangelion (loved it).  Anyway, put up summore fanart, a new J-Weekly, a Count D wall in Other Anime, and did some housecleaning around the site.  I need other ways to keep myself busy.

~~"I'm Japanese on the *inside* dammit!" Ryo



Sorry this update is a couple days late, I've been really wiped out cause of work.  The mp3 and vid update is out.  Awards are also out and there's a new J-Weekly.  I haven't been too inspired in the wallpaper department lately, but I think "Enter the Matrix" and Neopets.com are to blame for that XP  After my old account ryodark got frozen, I stopped playing for a while, but now I'm back with Ryo_Dark.  Heehee. 

BTW, Pirates of the Caribbean is the hottest movie.  EVERYONE should see it!!!  Omg, Depp is the best actor period.  With Depp and Bloom in the same movie, it was like, almost too much hotness for me to handle.  Oh but I handled it ^.~  So here are some hot pictures from the best movie about sexy Pirates ever made!

Sephiroth, eat your heart out.  Edward Scissorhands and Legolas Greenleaf are on the scene as sexy pirate boys.

~~Enamored Ryo



I know, I know, mp3's and vids are still down, and I don't know what to do  T_T  If anyone has a cached page of that huge mp3 page with all the links, and the vid page, please, I'll love you forever if you send me the html...Anyways, I added some long awaiting Neopets and other art to "My Art."  I don't feel very motivated today.  I think I'm gonna go see "Pirates of the Caribbean."  *Sigh*




GRAH!  I'm pissed off!  It's late, and I just got back from the Cape.  So here I was, trying to update my site, when in my befuddled exhaustion I deleted everything on my mp3 and vid pages.  Please don't ask.  I'm soooo sorry!!!  ;_;  I will try to get stuff back up in a few days, but I'll probably post just the newest requests instead.  I hope all that requested the old update's mp3's were able to download their request while they were up.  If this is not the case, please contact me and I'll re-post your mp3.  God, frustration!!!  >_<



~7.6.03 - 7.10.03~

Kurai n' Ryo here!  Updating from our Cape vacay.  I (Ryo) totally rehauled the wallpaper section.  I got rid of all the wallpapers that were SO BAD, even *I* couldn't stand them.  Also, got rid of my comments cause they didn't really have a point.  XP  This oughtta make page loads a bit faster.  Added lotsa new wallpapers (in Inuyasha, Clamp Campus Detectives, Magic Knight Rayearth, DiGi Charat, D.N.Angel, Other Anime, and Miscellaneous), and a few new wallpaper pages.  Also added new fanart, a new J-Weekly, and did some housecleaning.  Cya soon for the mp3 and vid update!!  Oh!  And Happy Birthday to my darling big sister. <3

~~Sober Fun!  (P.s. Everyone in the world should love Hikaru no Go)



Hi again everyone!  Just when you thought I was back, I've gots to leave again.  ;_;  I'm heading to the Cape for a week, but I'll return with several new wallpapers, fanart, etc.  Again, don't send me any large files, like pictures or fanart while I'm gone, please, or my email will overflow.  And Happy Independence Day to all my American visitors!!!

~~Patriotic Ryo



Well, I'm back.  Alaska was a blast, and I'm over jet-lag now.  There is one new wallpaper in miscellaneous, and a new J-Weekly, but I won't be updating for a few days probably, since I'll be really busy with work, but I may find the time to make summore wallpapers, so bear with me.  Here's something to entertain you for a moment, Frank the rabbit plays Dance Dance Revolution!

~~Ryo Dark, full of weirdness...



A new J-Weekly, plus 8 more wallpapers, one in Chobits, three in D.N.Angel, three in Utena, and one in Other Anime.  Tomorrow, I'm going to Alaska until the 24th, so if I don't reply to your email right away, that's why.  Don't send me any large files, like pictures or fanart while I'm gone, please, or my email will overflow.  Thankees!

~~Ryo Dark



w00t, I'm early.  Mp3 update done and Cosplay page finished.  I have to tell you this update took me hours upon hours of my free time.  So yea...be thankful.  BTW, I am never putting up that many mp3's up ever again, and since the requests are taking up so much of my time, in September I may have to stop doing requests, cause I don't want my college grades to suffer.  Don't worry, I'll still post mp3's and vids, and I'll resume requests probably in the summer, but school is more important.  ^.^  Thanks for sticking with ST through it's delay!




Three new AS wallpapers up.  And a new review for Witch Hunter Robin from the lovely Mystfire!  *Sigh*  back to work.




I've been working for over a week to get this site up and running again, with all new stuffs.  24 new wallpapers, a new review (Tokyo Mew Mew, thanks Mystfire!), vids up, new honorary gallery, new j-weekly, new fanart, awards out, one new won award, new page (cosplay), with pics up and stuff.  Holy crap, and a new layout.  Sorry for those of you who liked the old ones, but Tainted Angel wasn't working for me, so I decided to stick to what I know best.  This one is dedicated to summer memories before leaving for college in a few months.  The mp3's and the photos from Anime Boston will, I repeat WILL, be up by Monday.  I have been working my ASS off, and I do not intend to stop here, so all you people with a billion requests can untie the knot from your panties, ok?  ^__^  Monday Monday Monday!




Hisashiburi de mina-san!  ShiroiTsubasa.com has been on almost a month long hiatus, but the light at the end of the tunnel is nearing!!! I am out of school, and after June 8th, I'll be done with Prom and Graduation, so I can dedicate all my free time to my site!  I have over 20 Wallpapers to post, and probably 30-something mp3's...AIYA!  Well, as for the mp3's, you all can jump for joy.  After much negotiating, it has been decided that we CAN post mp3's on my site without having to pay, as long as I check ahead of time regarding the copyrights of each mp3.  We have Kurai to thank for all his work regarding this issue!  I have so much in store for you all coming up this summer.  June will be a fresh start for updating, so please look forward to it everyone!!

~~Ryo's back in business!



Note for below rant: Thank you so much to all of you who have emailed me with your support given the pending problem.  I really appreciate it and I want those who requested stuff lately to know that I have NOT forgotten you all.  I promise to put up your requests as soon as I can!

Ok, you know what?  Screw it, screw the whole damned thing >_<  I'm majorly pissed off right now.  I got an email from some company, apparently it owns the rights to like, every song in the world, and they want me to pay $300 dollars for people to download music on my site?!  This is a freaking outrage!  Until I get this cleared up, I will not be posting any new Vids or Mp3's, but don't worry, I'll pay the cash if I have to.  I refuse to stop posting music for the people cause some company has a stick up their butt. 

Other than that bad news, I decided to put the new layout up even though not all pages are up to date yet.  Please check it out and give it a look.  I'd like some feedback if at all possible please!  And I'm reaaallly sorry it's still under construction.  I just don't have the time I used to.  T_T  Where does it all go?!  By the way, the con was a freaking BLAST!  I had so much fun I can't wait for next year.  I'll be sure to post the pics eventually.  I took almost 3 rolls of film.  There was just SO much to see!  Oh, and I cared to add a new J-Weekly.  (I know, I know, who cares?  We want WALLPAPERS and Multimedia!  Well you'll have to WAIT!)

~~Peeved Ryo



GWAH!  Things never go the way they're planned, huh?  I blame videogames...seriously.  Zelda: Wind Waker has had me tied up non-stop for over 2 weeks.  And then there is my adorable nephew Shane Tyler...and schoolwork, and the con costume and...  @_@  GOMEN!  Do not expect me to update again til, I think the 22d.  After Easter, and with April Vacay I should have time to get up the following BELATED things:

A new Review, 10+ new wallpapers, new mp3's, the very late vids update, a new honorary gallery, a new J-Weekly, new fanart, new my art, new awards for you, and lastly and most importantly, A NEW LAYOUT! 

Well, you can see I have my work cut out for me.  I also  neglected to mention that I will most definitely be posting pics from Anime Boston 2003.  If you happen to be there, I will be there all Friday and Saturday.  My nametag will read "Ryo Dark" and I'm dressed as Klaha...so look for me!  I'll be with my best buddy Ji-chan!!  Yay!  My first real con!   Ok, one more thing, I am going to be hosting my friends new WEBMANGA on my site soon (Soon=as soon as she's well and ready), isn't that exciting?!?!  And again, thank you so much for waiting!  We will return with full force!




Ok, I implore all you wonderful patient people to understand why I haven't updated in like...well, too long.  My nephew Shane Tyler was born less than a week ago, he's so cute!!  I've also been caught up with Zelda: Wind Waker (eheheh) and Photoshop 7.0!  yay...well, I have so much to update, honestly, I've so many wallpapers to post, the vid update, awards, a gallery, and the b-day surprise that never exactly got finished on time...eh heh heh...well, I pray the Vids will be up 2morrow, I cross my fingers.  Other than that, the next update will be up sometime the week after this cause I have April vacation!  Also, this week will be busy cause I have to finish my Klaha costume for Anime Boston 2003!  Well, I gots to go...again, sorry sorry sorry!

~~Ryo Dark



Whoo!  One week exactly to Shiroi Tsubasa's Birthday surprise!!  Excited, aren't you?!?  Hehehe.  Ok, I got the new mp3 update up, with lotsa fulfilled requests.  Keep 'em coming!  Also, a new J-Weekly XP  Cya in a week!!!




Stayed home sick today, so I had time to finish the Skies of Arcadia wallpaper I'd been putting off for a few months.  It's in the "Videogames" section of the Wallpapers.  Go look at it!  ^_^




Sorry for lack of updates, I've been really sick.  x.x;  To make up for it, I added 2 new wallpapers.  Both of them are Kami from Malice Mizer hehe.  Yee, that makes ONE-HUNDRED Wallpapers!!!  Admittedly, not all are great, but I definitly have made improvement since I started.  I also put up the new J-Weekly.  On time, yay!  Well, I must go do makeup homework now.  ~_~  But don't forget, ShiroiTsubasa's 1st year anniversary is fast approaching, and I do have a surprise coming up, so stay posted!!

~~Daaaaaark, Ryo



Added a new wallpaper in a fit of creativity!!  It's Video Girl Ai in "Other Anime."  New J-Weekly, and hell, it hasn't even been a week since I put up the last one!  What up wit dat?!  I also added a birthday splash page pic, in preparation for the upcoming celebration!!




I'm working on fulfilling a bunch of mp3 request right now.  Yay, I'm popular!  ^____^  I added 2 new fanarts from Exel.  Thanks!  New: redid the entire Links page.  Took too long to load, so I put in mini-buttons instead.  Much neater now.

~~Dark, Ryo



Shiroitsubasa.com's 1st Birthday is at the end of the month!  Send me stuff and celebrate!  I will have a nice surprise for all of you, so keep watching!!!  ^___^

One new Chobits wallpaper, with 2 more in the making.  I also redid the awards.  I was getting bored of the way they looked so I made all new ones for the next Award Update.  I think they're pretty, as they both feature winged Setsuna.  I'll probably change them again in another half-year. XP

Award-->   <--Award

~~rYo DaRk



Phew, it's late in the evening, but I can say that I did get the vid update on time!  I've been really busy all weekend so I was surprised I even found time to do this update.  x.X;  Ok, so the vid update is up, as well as a new J-Weekly, and the awards are out.  Now, I'm gonna sleeeepppp...




Added a fan-wallpaper by Wataru!  Sorry nothing else right now, I am so tired from the play performances, and we're only half through them!  ~_~  Well, Vid update is coming up soon!  I better get cracking!

~~Busy busy bee Ryo-chan



Aw, sad, it's the last day of vacation today...oh well, back to gakkou tomorrow...grr.  T_T  ......I added 5 wallpapers.  Four Gackt walls (whee, a pretty-boy spree!), and a wall of Setsuna from Angel Sanctuary.  Oh, I'm 4 wallpapers short of 100!  But I'm burnt out for now...On another note, I've now seen 101 anime titles.  Wow.  I really AM a loser.  *_*;;

~~Nemui Ryo (Tired Ryo)



Wow, 10 day relapse.  Sorry haven't updated in a bit, I was away during vacation, volunteering on a farm for the benefit of Heifer Project International.  Help eliminate hunger in the world!!  Ok, as promised, today is the mp3 update.  Yay, lots of fulfilled requests, I feel so...helpful!  ^___^  New J-Weekly too, and a new "my art,"  I'ma workin on a few wallpapers, which should be up soon.  Last week, I bought some awesome manga and artbooks in Sasuga (a Japanese bookstore in Porter Square)...as well as, get this, a JROCK MAGAZINE!!  EEE!  GACKT IS ON THE COVER!  ...30 FULL page pics of Gackt AND a poster, AND Dir en Grey...yee, so pretty!

~~Ryo Dark



Added 2 wallpapers, Klaha from Malice Mizer, yay!




Oh I am so cross!  The Beast (my main compie) decided to be a bastard last night, so he went and crashed several times.  It was a major meltdown.  I lost TWO of the wallpapers I was working on.  Mukatsuku!!  Biisuto no baka!!  >_<  On the bright side, I actually changed the J-Weekly.  It's a St. Valentine's Day special!  Despite the fact that we here at S.T.com hate Love-day and celebrate by having an "Anti-Valentine's" dinner, I still like to get in the mood for holidays, regardless of whether or not they suit me.  XP

<3  ~~Ryo



Nothing big, again.  Jest a pretty V-day splash page pic.  Wah, I wish I had someone special to share heart day with.  Rabu rabu.  Doki doki!  Aishiteru, suki desu, etc., etc.  Back to working on wallpapers!




Yee!  Added a Camui Gackt wallpaper!  But that's all.  Ok, off to a party!  ^___^

~~Ryo Dark



73 more days til Anime Boston 2003!  Yeeee.  Ok, I added a new piece to "My Art," and photos to "About Ryo"...pictures of my room!  Hehe.  I also added pics of my moronic mascots to "Mascots."  It's a pretty self-centered update, but oh well!!  Keep sending those mp3 requests people, I haven't failed to get a song yet!




WELL!  A loooong-overdue update is now completed!  The Vid update is up (finally!), awards were given out, there's a new REVIEW for Fruits Basket (homemade with love from Marti-chan...I really DO need to stop relying on my lackeys...er, FRIENDS to write these reviews), and there's a new J-Weekly.  Also, I made 3 new Wallpapers in "Other."  Added some art to "My Art," and added some new link banners.  Sorry for the delay, but now midyears are over and I'm settled into 2d semester.  Better late then never, right?  Right?  Also, good news!  I got my first acceptance letter to a college!  YAY for me!  AND, I'm going to Anime Boston 2003!!!  YES!  My first CON!  I'm going as Klaha from Malice Mizer, I decided.  Yay Happy!

~~Ryo Klaha hehe



In lieu of studying for 2morrow's midyears, I posted a wallpaper.  It's Yu~ki from Marisu Miseru (Malice Mizer)!  Check it out in "Miscellaneous Wallpapers."  ^_^  Ja ne!




Alright, a half-assed update!  Ok, forgive me everyone, I couldn't get around to all my usual updates (Awards, Vids) but I have an excuse!!!  See, I was skiing all weekend, but got into an accident.  Owie, fractured a rib and sprained my ankle, but I'm alright, just reaaaalll sore.  Plus I'm working last-minute on a Psych paper.  Never fear though, I did do something for you all.  The mp3 update is up and running, with lots of fulfilled requests.  Also managed a new J-Weekly, a new pic in "Fanart," and a new pic in "My Art."  Please be patient and I'll try to have the vids up by Friday evening.  Thank you!

~~Wounded Ryo



added 2 more sketches from play rehearsal. =3 One is nagii, ryo's mother and the other is poe, ryo's childhood friend.  both elves are "gero" elves (dark skin, light hair).  by the time we perform this play, i'll have an elf on the back of every page in my script!  *_*  ok, back to college work!!!

~~e.e. ryo



Dang, it is HARD getting used to writing '03.'  Hey, my graduation year, scorage!  Ok, I added one new Ryo sketch in "My Art."  I have to say, I have been getting A LOT of spare time to doodle lately, especially during play rehearsal, since I'm only in one act.  XP  Otherwise, nuthing else is new.  What's new witchu?




Uuuuwaaaaa!  I am so screwed!  I can't get my poor files off that darned dead laptop!  *Curses under breath.*  I guess that means no FLCL!!!  AGH!  Added 3 new pieces in "My Art"  I was bored 2day.  Ok, well, I know many of you will be PISSED aboot that FLCL thing, so here's sumthin that might cheer you up.  I've commissioned the WONDERFUL Kyla Sturgeon (an excellent anime-style artist, her link is on my links page) to do a piece for the next layout!  It's costing me, but I'm soooo looking forward to it, I hope you all will as well.  Reaaalll complicated CSS stuff...Aiya!




Well, my long awaited and extremely painful update is finally here.  Here's what we got: a few new things up in "My Art", A BRANDIE new Review for Pretear brought to you by Mystfire (arigatou!!), a bunch more links on the "Links" page (I really oughtta clean out that cluttered page...), J-Weekly (2 actually), and I completely redid the Wallpapers, splitting them into 17 pages!  *_*  Also added several new wallpapers to Ayashi no Ceres, x/1999, and Miscellaneous.  *WHEW!*  What a massive haul!  Well, I hope to see you soon for the multimedia update!  *Nervous*  It's not looking good for that other compy...what should I do if I can't get the FLCL Opening back?!?!  Ai-ya...  ~_~;




Kurai here AGAIN (cause Ryo's on a lazy updating streak).  But she did make a new wallpaper for y'all.  A very sexy Love Hina wallpaper under "Others."  Otherwise, she is still working on the guest review sent in, and other stuff, so expect that later I guess.  We'd like to wish everyone a very super/happy/wonderful/sugoi/awesome/ special...etc. NEW YEAR!  Oh yea, go 2003!!!  Cya'll lata!




Kurai here.  Ryo in process of de-stressing from school.  I put up the cute new splash page pic she made for the holidays.  Us here at ST ~ WW wish you all a happy and safe holiday, whatever religion you are.  Merry X-mas, Happy late Hanukkah, Ramadan, Kwanzaa, Winter Solstice etc.!  Drink lots of eggnog, sing, be merry, and don't forget the mistletoe!  (Note to Ryo: put up Pretear review, Ayashi no Ceres walls, new links, and J-weekly).

~K.Tsubasa, the Dark Wing~



At long last!  The two-week late update is here!  Many apologies, but 2day was the first free moment in a while.  Ok.  The Multimedia Update is all up, awards are out, and there's a new J-Weekly.  Tomorrow, I'll put up a few new Wallpapers.  Well thanks to everyone for patiently waiting!




God help us, my social life is actually getting in the way of web updates.  Has hell frozen over?!  Well, not quite, I had an hour today in which I made a new X/1999 wallpaper, plus post a new award we won.  No work yet on the multimedia update and the deadline is coming up fast.  @_@  Gah!  *stress stress stress*  Maybe Monday I'll get some time............ *crosses fingers*

~~Ryo Dark



Yea, unless I get my act together, the update is *definitely* gonna be late.  Many apologies.  Well, to whet your appetite, I put up three new walls I had hanging around.  They're all in the "OTHER" section of the wallpapers: one of Yuna (FFX-2), one of Yuna and Rikku (FFX-2), and one of Captain Amelia (Treasure Planet, don't ask)...




GAH!  College applications SUCK!  I have had NO time to work on Shiroi Tsubasa as of late.  I feel that a belated end of the month update is inevitable, so let me apologize in advance if such a thing occurs.  But I will try to prevent that circumstance over Thanksgiving break.  On a better note, I received 2 new awards from "Katie's Web Sight."  Arigatou!




New wallpapers in the fanart section, by Kat, thanks for sending them in!  A new Utena wallpaper by me, and 2 new Utena pics I drew in 'My Art.'  New J-Weekly too.  Hey I got TWO new awards 4 meself!  Thankees!  Did some housekeeping, links n' stuff.

~~rYo DaRk



A *BIG* O-Tanjoubi Omedetou to my dear pal, Mystfire.  Yay!

3 new wallpapers, all similar Chobits ones with Chii and Black Chii.  Am currently working on something top secret for the site, but it won't be up for a while ^_~

~~RyO dArK



It's a little late, but I just got my Halloween party pictures developed.  Like I promised, here's a pic of everyone!





Early Update!  Whoo, I give myself a pat on the back.  Ok.  My party went great, I'm waiting for the pictures to be developed so I can put one up.  2morrow is Ji-chan's birthday.  O-tanjoubi omedetou Ji-chan!  I also hve SAT2's 2morrow.  Yuck.  Well, at least I'll NEVER have to take 'em again!

On to updates: Multimedia update is up in Vids and Mp3's.  The theme this month is X/1999, but I also had a lot of requests to cover this month.  The awards are out and there's a new J-Weekly.  Also, I *finally* put up a new Honorary Gallery!  The winner of the Winged Bishoujo Poll is...Kurai!  Lookit all the purdy pics of the winged crossdressing demon!  I went out and got some pics to put up on the Akira review.  Yes it was bad imo, but it deserves some art...even if they have onion foreheads.  New 2 new wallpapers too, Nadesico and in honor of the Kurai gallery, a Kurai wallpaper. 

~~rYo daRk



AHHH!  My party's today!  What am I doing updating my site?!  I should be getting ready!  Real quickie update: Michelle finished her side of our art trade.  Please view the nice pic of Ruby Moon she drew for me in 'Fanart.'

~~rYo is VERY BUSY!



Oh, did I mention the new redirect page?  It's specially for Halloween. ^_^  AHH!  2 DAYS to my party!  I also went on a drawing spree and added FOUR pretty new pics to "My Art."  Mata ne!




Happy early Halloween!  My Halloween anime party  is gonna RAWK!!  I'll take photos to put online.  I am gonna be Haruko of Furi Kuri and I'm inviting all my anime-friends to the showing.  We're watching all the best horror anime I can get my hands on!!!  I will remind you that Halloween is *my* holiday, not to mention my personal fave day of the year!  Muahahahaha!

Ok.  So 2day we have some awesome updates.  As you might have noticed, there are now even more pages to visit!  The new pages are: 'Mascots,' 'My Awards,' and 'My Art.'  Moving on, there's a new J-Weekly, 3 new wallpapers: a Neoranga one, an EVA one, a Sorcerer Hunters one, and a Hamtaro one, some new fanart (w00t!), and I got summore awards that I won, yay!!!  I redid the buttons (again!) now they are thinner and alternate.  I like this way, so I'll keep it for a while.  I revamped the "Honorary Gallery" and "My Art" galleries for easier loading.  Oh and one final note: *gasp!* Thanks to my friend, Mystfire, there is actually a new review up!  It's Inu-Yasha!  Go read it!




'Lo all~  Mini update 2day.  I added summore links to the links page and an awards page for myself.  You can reach there by going to 'Awards' and the link is at the top of the page.  I'm so happy I'm actually winning awards.  I work really hard to keep this site nice.  I mean we work really hard.  I also added another bishi stall gallery, this time for seibutsu, the animal mascot creatures!  Oh, and a new J-weekly is up.  I've been trying so hard to do it more often than once a month since it is J-weekly.  That's all for now. 

~~Ryo Dark



Happy October minna!  Ju-gatsu omedetou!  Anyway, in a random fit of procrastination I managed to produce a new wallpaper.  It's Asuka, Shinji and Rei from Evangelion.  My holiday is in only 30 days!  Yesh, I live for Halloween.  And this year, I'm having an anime horror fest!  How exciting!  I'm going as Haraharu Haruko from Furi Kuri cause she rocks.  Ok, that's all.  Cya later!




Surprise!!!!  Hah!  All my work was worth it!  I've been secretly planning version 2.0, and working hard on it for a while, so I do hope you like it!  It includes all-new home-made buttons, banners, and backgrounds!  It's also kind of a thank you to all of you who supported me through version 1.0.  I really like this starry look!  Oh, and even more goodies for you.  I added more links to the links page and did some housekeeping there.  I also made Link2Us a separate page.  I split the multimedia into two pages: mp3's and videos.  And we have the monthly multimedia update, with a CLAMP special theme!  Aand there's a new wallpaper of Shampoo from Ranma 1/2.  Aaaand, of course the awards are out.  Aaaaaand, I made three new link to me banners, that I really like.  Enjoy with all my hopes!!!

~~Ureshina Ryo (Happy Ryo)



Hey!  I'm early with this update!  Woooow.  Got some goodies for you all a few days earlier than the big multimedia update.  Sorry that I can't seem to update more often than once or twice a month, but corny as it may sound, school comes first.  This month we had some downtime for 2 days.  There was a power outage and my server went down.  Sorry 'bout that, I got some complaints ^^;  Well, to make you happy now, we have a new J-Weekly and a 3 new wallpapers of Yuki from Furuba, Nova from Rayearth, and Meifon from Angel Links.  Also, this should thrill you all, but I revamped ALL the galleries.  It was simply taking too long to load the wallpapers.  My new format is much more 'slow-computer' friendly.  Enjoy, it took a TON of work.  Go check it out!




CAUTION: BIG UPDATE AHEAD!!!  Sorry I waited a whole month to update again, but everything seemed to be running smoothly here, and I've been busy looking for colleges.  Anyway, I figured out that at the rate I've been making reviews, (1 done, 2 in the works), I'm NEVER gonna finish all the reviews, so I decided something.  I'm enlisting the help of all of my anime-oriented friends to do 'guest-reviews' based on their opinions instead of my own.  However, that might not even be enough, so if anyone out there wants to, feel free to email me with a review of an anime. 

When submitting a review, please include the title of the anime, your name (or whatever you want credit as), and email, and how much of the series/movie you have seen.  You may include bias and opinions in the review, but don't give away any major spoilers.  Make sure you include the scoring system for the important factors: up to five stars on music, animation, plot, character development, and overall.  Also try to include in the review, one or two websites with more information on the anime.  I will supply the pictures for the final review, unless I say otherwise, or unless you want to send some pictures along in the submission, that's fine too.  Oh, and PROOFREAD por favor!  Thanks!

Ok, on to more updates.  I updated the multimedia with the normal stuff (new mp3's and vids), so check it out!  Lots of wallpapers in the works, coming slowly, but surely.  I updated the awards, with one new winner for each.  Updated J-Weekly with a new word.  Four new pics added to the Honorary Gallery for Van.  Added two more fanarts and lots more pics to my Personal Gallery (located under fanart).  Lastly, I have one new review with more on the way!  It is a guest review by my best friend Ji-chan who likes to refer to himself as 'Andre Demona.'  Watch out folks, he did NOT like Akira and he tends to rant and ramble.  A lot.  I added little blurbs about my buddies in the 'About Ryo' section.  That's all for now!  Oh one more thing.  I am officially a Neopets Junkie.  If you're on Neopets, why don't you check me out, my account name is ryodark.

~~Neo-obsessed & Update-crazy Ryo



An update special!  Check' em out!  The new Phrase of the Week is up in J-Weekly, and a new batch of awards was given out!  To top that all off, multimedia is updated, with 3 videos, an opening, an AMV, and a J-Rock MV, with the three corresponding mp3's!  (I didn't put up extra mp3's because the 3 videos take up enough space as it is).   Aaaaaaand, new fanart and a gallery for pics of Ryo by me, accessible via the fanart page.  Wa-ho!




Crisis averted!  Everything is up and running!  Soooooo tired...ZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ...




Omigosh everyone, I am so sorry.  There is some downtime for the site.  As you may have noticed, several wallpaper galleries are having problems and the Van Gallery doesn't display at all!  Kurai and I are working hard to remedy this, but it won't be fixed til 2nite.  Please bear with us!  Note: I changed my default font to georgia cause it's prettier than veranda.

~~R & K



Here're the new wallpapers: Lain from Serial Experiments Lain, Haruko and Naota from FLCL, Pirotess from Lodoss War, Anshi and Utena from Shojo Kakumei Utena, Anshi, Akio and Utena from Shojo Kakumei Utena, Sesshomaru from Inuyasha, Aya from Ayashi no Ceres, Urd from Aa! Megami-sama, Asuka from Evangelion, and a girl from some H-game.  There were so many I had to start a new wallpaper gallery!  Geez.

The Honorary Gallery page for the winner of the 'Winged Bishonen' poll, Van Fanel, is up!  Boo-Yah!  The New Phrase of the Week and the two (yes 2) new reviews should be up by Monday (I'm hoping, based on my scanner's behavior).  *Whew!*




Ok, I'm leaving 2morrow after work to go to the Cape (ahh the beach!), but I put up summore links and updated the About Me page with some pictures!  ^_^  Also, the MMM AMV choice on the Mp3 and Video page has an added bonus.  When I choose a top-quality AMV to be featured that month, the creator gets an award (yay!)  To see the basic award before info is filled in, click on the thumbnail!  And another page was put up to show the awards I give out.  Not just the AMV award, but a general website award as well!  Lastly, since I won't have the Internet on my trip, I won't be able to update the site.  And Kurai's comin' with me.  But that doesn't mean that I still won't work on the site while I'm there, I'll just update it when I get back!  Cya next week!

Award-->   <--Award

~~Gleeful Ryo



Amerika no Tanjobi Omedetou!  (Happy "America's Birthday")  Not quite so sure what the Japanese would say to express congratulation on Independence day.  @_@  Hmm.  Anyway, while the new Review and Wallpapers are on hiatus until roughly a week from 2day (I'm going away for vacay), I added a new section under Links for Anime Music Videos, a new page (yay!  Titled Himitsu!  What is it?  Go see!), and a new AMV in Mp3 and Video.  The AMV was soooo good, I just HAD to share it with all of you!  Bai bai for now!

~~Ryo Dark



Oh geez, I am soooo sorry for taking so long to update!!!  Waah, gomen!  Anyway, I updated the Mp3 and Video page, it's a themed month!  Tee-hee.  I have lots of walls to put up, but I'm going away for a week soon, so expect the review and more walls and even the honorary picture gallery to be up in 2 weeks or so.  I'll do so much work to make up for my month-long lax, ok?  Yakusoku yo!




Yay!  New wallpaper 2day, it's of Chun Li from Street Fighter.  That chesty Chinese is a kick arse fighter and an awesome char.  Go see it!  Oh, and "Why isn't the review up yet," you ask.  Well, elementary, my dear otaku, I am too busy atm to put it up.  Check back this weekend.  I am also working on another project for this site.  Under heavy construction and debate, but expect a cool addition eventually!  God, I love leaving you with cliffhangers  XD

~~A Genki Ryo



Uhhhhggghhh, I'm dyyyyyiiiinnggg...I feel really sick right now -_-  Bleehhh.  Ok, down to business.  I added 3 requested mp3's to the Mp3 and Video page.  The next full update will be June 15/16, so get them while you can!  The review needs some final touch-ups before publishing.  This should show how hard I work on this site, seriously!  XD

~~Ryo T. Dark



Beeeeeeeeeee-DA!  :P  Konban wa minna!  Gomen, I was really sleepy last night, so K-chan had to update.  Arigatou!  I had inspiration 2day!  A new Fruits Basket wall, and a really nice one at that.  I hope I get on Anipike again soon, like my old site.  Oyasumi!




Kurai here, Ryo-chan's sleeping.  Bah, it's late, so this'll be short an' sweet.  Ryo made more banners for ya'll to link to us, and I added more links to the links page.  We are currently working on the next anime review, which should be up soon.  Ryo says she's on a wallpaper hiatus.  Say's she has 'artist's block.'  Maybe some sleep once and a while will give her the needed inspiration.  In the mean time, you should donate fanart to us!  Please?  *yawn*  Well, goodnight!




Yay!  It's Sat-ur-day!  Just got off from work.  I added one wall to 'Miscellaneous,' and double checked things.  Mp3s are still working great.  Be sure to request some and vote for the next video, ne?  Am currently working on making the site more 'neat' and easier to navigate.  I have organization problems  ^^.  Also, the next review should be up soon.  What is it for?  That's a surprise!




Boo-yah!  It is like a totally productive week, deshou?  I just put up the first anime review, and it's for....<insert drum roll here> ESCAFLOWNE!  Aightie!  Kurai and I *love* this anime.  The movie rocked, and it has winged people!  Perfecto!  Well, check it out!




Super news!  The first installment of the mp3's is now up!  Go download them and vote for the first video, k??  I got 2 requests already for the next group of mp3's and I am happy to look and find them ^_^  My next goal is to work on the anime reviews, ne!




I reorganized Bishi Barn and Wallpapers into several pages for easier viewing and faster loading time.  I hope it works out better now ^.^;

~~Ryo Dark



'Allo again!  2day I added 3 new wallpapers, 2 of Daisuke from D.N. Angel, and one of Sesshomaru from Inu-Yasha.  And jest a warning, don't expect such frequent updates from me except during vacation, but I will try to update at least once a week, given my schedule ^.~




Still enjoying my vacation, I've been pulling out loads of Wallpapers ^.^  2 Dead or Alive walls of Kasumi, 2 walls from D.N. Angel of Dark and Daisuke, one remake of a Yami no Matsuei Wall, and one remake of an Angel Sanctuary wall were added to the Wallpapers 2day.  Enjoy!




*Chanting*  It's vaca-tion!  It's vaca-tion!!  Wai wai!  I added a Fushigi Yuugi wall of Tasuki to Wallpapers.  I also made lots of new banners for you all to link to me (find under "Links"), and am still attempting to figure out what is wrong with Frontpage that it won't let me put up mp3's.  Por dios, que hizo mi computadora??  I'll figure it out, eventually... 




Kombanwa mina-san.  Aiya, boku wa honto ni nemui desu.  Netai yo!  Demo, dekinai kara eigo no kurasu no pepaa o shimasu.  Shimatta, gakko ga daikirai.  (Translation: Evening everyone.  I'm really tired, I want to sleep, but I can't cause I'm writing a paper for my English Class.  Geez I really hate school.)  Anyway, I've been doing minor touchups on the site, nothing too big, I'm working on putting up the mp3's, they're currently down.  Please vote for a movie if you want one, I will put up more choices next multimedia update.  Added one wallpaper of Misato, and summore links.    Oh and you have Netscape for your browser, I just found out that the photo galleries display VERY strangely on it.  I don't think there's anything I can do about it though, gomen.  I simply hate macs and Netscape.  Anyway, I'll catch you next time, maybe I'll be more rested after April vacation, Ack!



~3/20 - 3/30/02~

MWAHAHAHA!  It's alive!  Alive!!~

Heya all, Ryo here, first update!  So exciting!  Happy Birthday to ST! I have been working heavily on my sitey for the past ten days, and most of it is successfully complete! (Except for videos and reviews).  For all of you who were fans of DT666, while this site does not have a specific shrine for Eva, I hope that you will enjoy it for the wallpapers, multimedia, and reviews.  Also, I will keep DT666 up, I just won't update it anymore.  Please have fun here, and sign my  *new* guestbook, onegaishimasu!

Love ~~Ryo Dark

P.s.  There was a lot of pain and lost data in this first version.  *sigh*  You know Murphy's Law?  If anything can go wrong it will?  Well, After losing all of my hard work after a major crash...I've decided to title version one after the famous X/1999 phrase: "Their Destiny was Foreordained."  Destiny sucks.  Fate can go to hell.  Ok ok, I know I *love* tarot, but hey, If Kamui was a little more articulate, he would have said it straight out: "Screw destiny, I'm livin' my own life!"