~AHW Winners~

Awesome Honorable Websites!


1. Horse Lover's Site, horse-realated content.  Somewhat of an exeption to the award...

2. Cosplay Angel, an awesome cosplay info site with great cosplay outfits.

3. Engrish.com, for the best and most humorous display of Japanese Engrish online.

4. Hatsuyume.net, a very creative anime site, with tons of wallpapers and collective info.

5. Animeplusmore.com, your one stop for anime desktop and multimedia goodies!

6. Digimon Galaxy, a top site for Digimon information and cool stuff!

7. The Japanese Flannel, the funniest article site on JRock I've seen!

8. Anime.mikomi.org, Oodles of well-written community Anime reviews!!

9. The Conquered, this is a great JRock site...I'm definitely on a JRock fix...

10. Arcana, next to BMB, my FAVORITE online webmanga!  Angsty shonenai with vampires!!!

11. Megkazul - The Land of Hn, very nice compilation site with tons of pictures!