~Anime Boston 2003~

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From April 19-20, 2003, I attended my first real anime convention (the Pokemon con I went to does NOT count).  Anime Boston was a BLAST!  I cannot wait for next year.  On the 20th, a Saturday, I cosplayed as Klaha, Malice Mizer's last vocalist before they broke up.  I designed the coat based on the one he wore in the music video "Beast of Blood."  The coat looks a lot like the ones they wear in The Matrix hehe.  The hardest part was the collar, but the best part was the bottom of the coat.  I really like how it flowed.  It was fun to wear but really hot.  Cosplaying as a Japanese goth rocker was very entertaining, and I met a lot of really great people at the con.  Here are some pics of me, and photos from the con!

Wai!  My official pass to Anime Boston!  It has my real name on it, so I blurred it out, but "Ryo Dark" was the name I wanted on it.  I pre-registered months in advance!  The second pic is Kirby Morrow's autograph!  *swoon*  Well, you can see I wasn't prepared for this, so he just signed a piece of paper.  I wanted him to say "I'm the hot guy who played, etc." but he was too modest, and didn't want to.  He also signed it to my real name, but I changed that in Photoshop. ^_^

Ah!  It's me with the hot Kirby Morrow!  Voice actor of  Trowa Barton from Gundam Wing and Van Fanel from Escaflowne.  BTW, see Dilandau?  He came with me to the con!  I would have brought Van, but he wanted to stay home and sleep.  I'm wearing my glasses here.  I'm blind without them anyway!  But, I kinda look satanic in this shot...  The second photo is of my friend Dylan and Kirby!  I was first in line to get his autograph, but Dylan was right behind me.  We waited in line for a two hours for this!  ^_^

Some of my other buddies were at the con too.  First, Juri-chan's shirt!  Marti-chan drew it for her.  Unfortunately, genkina Marti-chan could not be at the con, but she was with us in spirit.  The shirt says something like "keeki ga daisuki.  gozaimasu ka?"  Totally cute, ne?  Marti's a good artist!  The second photo is Juri-chan and her Hamtaro plushie.  Wai!  Kawaii!  Lastly, there's Kibou-chan (left) and Joe-kun in the third pic!  Joe is cosplaying as that dude from Getbackers...you know, the electric eel dude.  He spraypainted his hair gold.  ^-^

A-chan and B-kun, the Anime Boston mascots!  They are sooo cute!  Apparently they're really dating too (2004 update: not any more!!).  A-chan competed against my buddy Dylan in "Name That Anime Tune," and Ji-chan beat her but he felt bad cause she was so nice.

These peeps had my favorite costumes that I saw at the whole con.  Goth Gackt and Mana from Malice Mizer!  I hung out with them and some other JRock cosplayers for a while.  They made the wings by hand and Gackt needed a whole elevator for herself!  They knew who *I* was cosplaying as!  XD

Whoa, seeing double?  Nope, it's just goth MM Gackt AND solo Gackt in the same picture.  What more could you ask for?!  I love MM Gackt's nails for the love of god!  Solo Gackt here is cosplayed by my friend Kuroe's friend, Rose.  She pulls it off, huh?

Ha ha, blonde Kyo's giving you the finger.  Here we have some Dir en grey peeps, including 2 Kyos (one of which is my friend Kuroe)!  And then, to the far right we have Izam *shudder* from Shazna.  Dude, Izam is the freaking gay Satan incarnate

Aw!  Haruhara Haruko from Furi Kuri/FLCL.  This girl makes such a cute Haruko!  I told her I cosplayed once as Haruko (at my party), but her costume is way better cause she gots the wig and even made that cool guitar!  The second photo is Mamimi from Furi Kuri/FLCL.  Hehe, she even wrote something on her cigarette like in FLCL.  And look at that *adorable* Naota catcher doll.  Wai!

Chii from Chobits was by far the most common female cosplay, but this girl made the cutest Chii, I thought, so I took a picture.  She had the ears perfect and the dress was just adorable!

Here's a big male group shot.  They had all lined up, so I snapped a pic.  I was in the female group, so I didn't get a shot of that.  From left to right: dude from DBZ, Alucard from Hellsing (his dog demon thing lit up!!), ???, ???, Setsuna from Angel Sanctuary, Amon from Witch Hunter Robin, Squall from FF8, Seifer from FF8, Generic Bishonen (his sign was hysterical!), Barrett from FF7 (Can someone fill me in on the ???'s)

Merle from Escaflowne!  Lookit that cute Allen plushie.  One of the best catgirl cosplays at the con, she got to help out on stage!  This is THE Mistress Lizzard and her famous Allen plushie, btw.  What an honor to meet such a famous webmistress!

This was the best Witch Hunter Robin I saw at the con, and there were a couple.  She was more than willing to pose for the camera.  So cute!

Here we have ??? and Dejiko both from Panyo Panyo DiGi Charat.  That show is sugar-cute.

Hotohori and Nuriko from Fushigi Yuugi.  They did a wonderful job on their robes.

Belldandy from Aa! Megami-sama.  She also did a great job on the details of the outfit.  Behind her is one of the many DDR stations in the game room.  She was waiting in line for it when I asked to take her photo.  I wonder how she would dance in that dress?

Inu-Yasha!  Inu-Yasha was the most common male cosplay at the con.  What impressed me the most about this guy, however, was the Tetsusaiga!  He made it so well, it looks just like the real thing!  The second pic, I was surprised that this was the only Sesshoumaru (from Inu-Yasha) at the con.  Here he (she) is with a cute little Rin.  This Sesshoumaru was really well done.  You can't see it, but she had the fur on her other shoulder, and she even had scary red contacts.  Really realistic!  Apparently, this Sesshoumaru is Chai's sister.  Chai is running the J-rock stuff for Anime Boston 2004, and she also co-runs the website at www.psychoticdoll.com.  Chai came to draw art at ConBust 2004, which is how I ran into her.  Small world, huh?  The last photo is Rebecca, Joe's friend, cosplaying as Koga the wolf demon from Inu-Yasha.  *Nice* ears!  Joe-kun's in the background.

Here are some Angel Sanctuary cosplayers.  Love the Rosiel in the first pic.  The wings are excellent on all of them!

Tsukasa and Subaru from .hack//SIGN.  Love the little wings on Subaru.

Umi and Hikaru from Magic Knight Rayearth.  I like these girls' elaborate costumes.  They said it was their first time making costimes.  I'm impressed, nice job ladies!  Second is, Aska, also from Magic Knight Rayearth.  This girl said she did her costume in one day.  Wow, I wish I had that kind of skill!

Riku from Kingdom Hearts and Yuna from Final Fantasy X-2.  I felt bad for the Yuna, cause her shorts were so short that her butt was hangin' out the back and all the ugly fat old men-otakus were commenting.  I heard one sketchy guy say to another "I am so glad she wore that," while staring at her ass.  Eww.  Cool costumes nevertheless.

Left to right: Juri from Shoujo Kakumei Utena, Ahiru from Princess Tutu (nice hair!), and Ruka from Shoujo Kakumei Utena.  These are very impressive costumes.

Nice San from Mononoke Hime!  Her mask was really cool, and I love her scary pose.  Rawr!!

Yohko from Devil Hunter Yohko.  This is a funny show, and her dress was pretty.  I love how everyone was so willing to pose!

Aya from Weiss Kruez.  Aya is the hot angsty lead character. Well-done costume!!

Tylor and Azalyn from Irresponsible Captain Tylor.  I love that show!  It's soooo funny!  Az's costume is really nice, but they're both very perfect!

Sophitia and Kilik from Soul Caliber.  Man I love Sophitia's outfit!  This game is the bomb!

It's the G-Boys!!!  The voice actors for the main characters of Gundam Wing.  From left to right: Mark Hildreth (Heero Yuy), Scott McNeil (Duo Maxwell), Kirby Morrow (Trowa Barton), Brad Swaile (Quatre Rebabera Winner), Ted Cole (Chang Wufei).  These guys are so funny, they are such hams hehe.  Just lookit them!  Their panel was hysterical too!  I love Brad Swaile, he is so funny!!!

It's Tiffany Grant!!!  The voice actress for Asuka Langely Sohryu of Evangelion!  Hehe, she's really short, but really a really nice, funny person!  She and the G-Boys participated in a hysterical presentation called "Whose Line is it Anime," based on the improv show "Whose Line is it Anyway"  It was a blast!