~Anime Boston 2004~

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From April 9-10, 2004, I attended Anime Boston for its second year.  As last year, it was incredible, and this year, I had a room in the hotel, but since it was Easter weekend again, I could only stay for the first two days.  This year, I cosplayed as Rakka, the Haibane from Yoshitoshi ABe's Haibane Renmei.  I chose to do her winter outfit because I didn't have time to make her ash-grey feathered wings and slyly got around it by making her wing covers instead.  This was the first winter outfit for Rakka cosplay I've viewed online, so I may be one of the first for this costume.  There were other Rakka's there, but only in her summer outfit, so I was still unique!  Needless to say, many more people recognized me than last year, and I was happy.  The costume has a simple design but it turned out well, and I did my best to remain true to all the details (except the boots, I couldn't afford ugg boots, which would have been perfect for it).  The halo was the hardest part to make, but was worth it in the end.  My favorite part of the costume were the wing covers.  I think they look perfect!

With my digital camera, I was able to take tons more photos than last year, of which I tried to pic the best to post (which is still a ton).  The con overall was pretty sweet (with the disappointment of the badly-organized plushie-making session, and the fact that J-rock wasn't allowed in the masquerade), but the best parts were definitely the AMV contest and the "Name that Anime Tune" contest.

First, the AMV's were awesome.  I couldn't stay for the whole contest last year so I was happy to see them all this year.  Most of them were awesome, to say the least.  The "Name that Anime Tune" contest was my shining moment though.  I didn't play last year, instead choosing to cheer on my friend Dylan as he worked his way to the second round, but this year, I got on stage, to go up against another friend of mine in the semi-finals.  The rounds were intense, but I worked my way through and knew it would be okay once I got the Italian Sailor Moon theme.  I came in second place, but it was still close.  That guy only beat me by one point.  But I was still really pleased that my massive mp3 collection helped me through that.  I came home with 2 DVD's and an anime soundtrack.  Good stuff!

The con was also great in that I made a new friend.  Dylan and Joe and I hung out with our new buddy, Steph, with whom Joe and I are attending Otakon with.  She rocks.  The best part with meeting Steph was our constant hounding of the poor voice actor, Crispin Freeman, whom we affectionately referred to as Crispy.  Lord, he's such a good sport.  We went to his voice acting panel, which was very cool.  People got to go up and do some actual voice-overs.  Before he started calling people up, Steph and I got a little rowdy and I said something to Crispin like "I'd have your babies" as a joke.  He was a good sport about it and told me I'd forgotten to take my medication.  Steph and I giggled and whispered "OMG it's CRISPIN FREEMAN"  and "Crispy I love you!" for a while.  It was funny, to say the least.  I tried desperately to be called on for the voice-over demonstration, to no avail.  On the plus side, Joe was called on and we cheered him on as he did a voice-over for Alucard from Hellsing, to which Crispin lent his voice for the dub.

After that, we went to Crispin's "Mythology in Anime" panel, which was pretty neat.  I asked Crispin to sign my Hellsing DVD, and then Steph and I got a photo with him.  Below are photos of the autographed DVD and the doctored and un-doctored versions of the pic of Steph and me with Crispin.  The DVD is hard to read (I was stupid and brought only a ballpoint pen), but he wrote "To Ryo, what a perfect night.  Crispin Freeman."  The perfect night line is one of Alucard's lines in the first episode.  Cool!

Like last year, I scanned in my card pass from the con.  Purple *is* my favorite colour after all!  ^.~

I love this pic of the four of us, from left to right, Steph, me, Dylan, and Joe.  Aw!

Joe hamming it up with the hat and practice kendo-stick that he bought in the dealer's room.

I wonder how Shannon would feel if she knew her boobs were being featured on my site?  Well, a clever quip on a teeshirt deserves notice!

Here's two more college pals, the Schilling twins Kathy and Chrissy.  Off the top of my head I can't remember who they're cosplaying as here. Although, I think it was from War of Genesis, am I right?

Here's a friend of my buddy Kuroe, Julie (on the right) with a friend of hers.  Sorry though, I don't remember who they were cosplaying as either.  Baka da yo!  >_>;

Here are some more peeps I know!  Erika is Rei and Jenny is Asuka, both in school uniforms.  Of course from Evangelion.  They pulled off these costumes nicely.

OMG it's Dir en grey!  Okay not really.  My good friend Kuroe here is Kyo.  She worked SO hard on that costume and I can say it's presision-perfect.  She had a group together, but I never was able to catch them all at the same time for a group shot.  So here we have Kuroe as Kyo, then her friends as Die and Toshiya (right after I took this pic, they did a great fanservice shot with some smooching involved and I missed it >_<).  The third pic is Kami from Malice Mizer, and the last pic is a group shot with from left to right: Aya from Psycho le Cemu, Mana from Malice Mizer, and ???.

Manas, Manas everywhere, and not a Gackt in sight.  Ah well, here we have several Manas from Malice Mizer.  After all, he is the quintessential gothic lolita.  The costumes are great, but he's kinda overdone.

Angel Sanctuary, like Mana, is overdone, but the costumes are usually superb.  I love winged charas, and the wings in AS are so extravagant!  So here we have first, two photos of Alexiel, and the third pic is of an awesome Rosiel.

Here's Joe's friend (was his name Ben?) as Spike with Ein from Cowboy Bebop.  Second is another Spike, and the third pic was that awesome scene between Spike and Vicious.  Nice poses guys!  Lastly, a very cute Ed.  I love Ed!

From Shoujo Kakumei Utena, first, Rose Bride Utena, and second, an awesome Utena/Anthy duo.  I asked them specifically for this pose.  Pretty sweet, huh?

Oh I loved this one, it's Sora from Kingdom Hearts in the Halloween Town outfit.  Kudos for this person, I love The Nightmare before Christmas, and the keyblade looks really good!  The second photo is another incredible cosplay from Kingdom Hearts, it's Cloud (the Cloud/Vincent from FFVII combo).  His sword was incredibly well done.

Here we have two Naruto pics, the first with Naruto and Neji (?) and the second of Sakura.  Very cute.

Here are some Sailor Moon ones.  First, it's Eternal Sailor Neptune from Sailor Moon playing her violin, and second, Seiya in his Three Lights outfit is saying "ore wa, dame ka?"  (am I not good enough?) to Eternal Sailor Moon.  Oh, you KNOW that scene was a killer!  The third pic is a nice rendition of human Luna from the S movie.  The last pic isn't from the anime, but from my newest obsession--Live Action Sailor Moon--it's evil Sailor Mercury!

Aa! Megami-sama.  First it's a great group shot, and second, a very well done movie version of Belldandy.  She did an excellent job on the hair.  The third pic is I believe, the Belldandy that won Best Technical or something close to that (I'm pretty sure Best of Show went to a Vash).  And it's no wonder with that impressive wingspan.  The wings could fold-up too for easy transport!

Ah, best videogame ever IMO.  Some Legend of Zelda shots, first of Link, then two of Zelda herself.  Very impressive.  Yay for elven ears.

Aw, a cute couple of Inuyasha and Kagome!  And the second pic is a face-off between Sesshoumaru and Inuyasha!  Ooooo!

As with every con, Final Fantasy costumes were certainly not lacking in abundance, and here's the pick of the crop.  First, a cool Final Fantasy X group featuring Rikku, Lulu, and Yuna.  Second, a very nice Paine in her Warrior outfit from FFX-2.  Also from FFX-2, the third and fourth pics are Black Mage Yuna and Rikku, respectively.  The fifth pic is Berserker Rikku (which was really well done, btw).  The sixth pic is of course, Rinoa from FFVIII.  The seventh pic is a cool anthro moogle.  And for the last pic I have but one thing to say: my bet's on Cloud.

Below is a shot with both Vash from Trigun, and a hottie Squall from FFVIII.

Vash the Stampede from Trigun.  I loved the Kuroneko-sama on his shoulder!

To the right is Card Captor Sakura's Kinomoto Sakura in kitty outfit!  Unfortunately, I don't know what the chara to the left is, but needless to say it's a pretty sweet dress.

Here's a pic of Webmistress Lizzard and her Allie plushie.  I saw her last year when she was dressed up as Merle and I got this shot by going to her Escaflowne panel, which was very cool.

Here's a great group cosplay of the secondary characters in the Escaflowne movie, including the Mole Man, Merle, Sora, Dryden, and Dune.

Misaki from Angelic Layer.  The little Hikaru doll on her shoulder is too cute!

A little Kamui from X/1999.  I think this kid won the junior overall in the masquerade.

Subaru and Seishiro from Tokyo Babylon.  Way cool!

This lady shows that even normal adults (i.e. not sketchy fat men) can like anime.  Her wings were too awesome.  Clover wings!

This too cute Chii was sitting next to Dylan and I while we waited for the plushie-making panel to start.  That is, until they KICKED US OUT.  >_<

Here's a super cute Piyoko from DiGi Charat.  Pandas!

I did see a few summer-costume Rakka's from Haibane Renmei, but this girl was waiting in line behind me for hotel rooms so I got a shot.  Her wings (not pictured) was well done with ash-grey feathers!

This is a very well done Yohko from Devil Hunter Yohko.  The Yin-Yang was very good.

A group shot of main charas from Fatal Fury.  Yay!

Here's a cool group of characters from the manga Paradise Kiss.

Morrigan from Darkstalkers.  Nice bat wings on her head ^-^

I don't remember what the hell this guy was supposed to be, but I'm thinking "bloody mad scientist with a box for a head.  That's hilarious!"  So I snapped a pic.

Oh it's Pudding and Zakuro from Tokyo Mew Mew!  Kawaii!

This is a well-done costume of Meroko from Full Moon wo Sagashite.

Xianghua and Sophitia from Soul Calibur 2.  As last year, I still love this game!

Woot, it's Souma Yuki and Kagura from Fruits Basket!

Ah!  The first Pretear costume I've seen so far.  Very nice.

Here's a nice pose from San of Princess Mononoke.

An ever-popular series, here we have Tsukasa from .hack//SIGN.

Eek, I don't know what this costume is from, but it turned out well and I love the weapon.  Anyone care to enlighten me?

That's it!  Can't wait til next year!  Movin' to the Hines Convention Center.  Woot!