~ConBust 2004~

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From April 2-4, 2004 Smith College's Science Fiction and Fantasy Society (SSFFS) held a three day con celebrating the women in science fiction, fantasy, and anime/manga.  I was on the committee and had been preparing for this con since last year.  Overall, I ran the karaoke room with Kuroe's help (which involved the burning of many many CDs, and printing of hundreds of pages of lyrics), led a J-rock panel with Katy and Kuroe, judged cosplay, helped with Anime Jeopardy, and donated my games and Gamecube to the videogame room.  The con was a lot of fun, and a success, since it was only our second year running.  It was pretty much a small con, but people seemed to enjoy themselves.

Anime Jeopardy was really fun, everyone seemed to enjoy it, and I had a great time playing "Vana Subaru" at the board acting like an uke slut... The videogame room was packin it, and in a last minute Soul Calibur II tournament, I pulled my weight with Xianghua and Link, and won (woot!). We didn't get many people in the karaoke room on Friday, but Saturday afternoon, lotsa people showed and sang, it was great! I took pics to prove that people actually sang. Whee! The Jrock panel went okay, we didn't get many people, and they were NOOBs, but we introduced the subject to them at least.

Every con has it's bad eggs, unfortunately, you know, those otaku sketchy guys who are like 40+ years old and way overweight with no social skills? We had our share too. Especially this one guy who hit on every girl he could get within range of. Grossness. He asked several girls out, and asked Shannon and I if we wanted to watch these hentai tapes he carried around, with him. UM, HOW BOUT NO. Sailor Moon and the Seven Dragon Balls? Ew.
But despite all that, it was great fun.  I bought a really cute cute bag with an adorable cat-girl on it, and some pins, in the dealer's room. And I got a cute commissioned art ID card with Ryo on it, in the art room. I wanted to buy a bag that said "ANIME: CRACK IS CHEAPER," but they were sold out by the time I got in there *pout.* Also haggled with Chrissy over the price of some D.N.Angel manga. Got them down to 3 bucks a piece. ^_^

Cosplay Costumes:
Chibi-Lauren: Naru (Love Hina), Ed with Ein (Cowboy Bebop)
Me: Subaru (Tokyo Babylon), Klaha (Malice Mizer), Haruko (Furi Kuri)
Chloe: Duo (Gundam Wing), Shinya (Dir en Grey)
Katy: Wufei (Gundam Wing), Shinya (Dir en Grey)
Cassie: Heero (Gundam Wing), Sephiroth (FFVII)
Amanda: Trowa (Gundam Wing)
Tiffany: Quatre? (Gundam Wing), White Mage (FFI, 8-Bit Theatre)
Juli: Rin (Draken)
Jackie: Miyu (Vampire Princess Miyu)
Chrissy: a Geisha, and a battle axe-weilding Ewok

There were also people dressed as Yuki and Shuuichi (Gravitation), Aragorn and Legolas (LotR), Vash and Wolfwood (Trigun), Sango (InuYasha), a Jedi Knight, a Klingon, Pirates, and various other costumes, so the cosplay thing went well. We ended up feeling bad and giving everyone an award.

I was dressed as Subaru Sumeragi from Tokyo Babylon (NOT X/1999 Subaru), on the first day.  This costume was cake to make, as it was mostly bought.  I had the pants, gloves, and shoes already.  I bought the jacket for about 12 dollars, and the hat (which was plastic but slightly fuzzy) was 1.50 at a party store.  Bought the ribbon to glue onto the hat, and made the evil demon dispel paper thingie with random kanji.  The sleeveless turtleneck was the hardest thing to find.  I searched nearly every store in the mall over a course of 3 hours.  Apparently that look was "last spring" so no one had them, except one store.  I had no choice but to take it, even though the shirt was kinda expensive.

This is my Lain hat.  Lain wears this hat in the Serial Experiments Lain opening sequence.  I always loved it and it was so cute, I had to make it.  It didn't take too long to make, the hardest part was figuring out how to make it without a pattern.  It's really soft fleece, and the teddy bear is made of felt and pompoms.  CUTE.

On Saturday, for the J-rock panel, I wore my good 'ol Klaha (Malice Mizer) coat (see Anime Boston 2003).  This time, I didn't dye my hair, but wore a really cool high-quality black wig.  My Sunday outfit consisted of a botched version of my Haruko costume from Halloween 2002.  I had the vest and the pants and scarf, but at home I forgot a white shirt, my buckskin gloves, my blow-up guitar, goggles, and white boots.  But I made-do with what I had.  ^^;

Below is my ConBust '04 staff pass, with our cyber-anime female mascot.  She's meant to resemble Rosie the Riveter.  After all, I do go to an all-girl's college.  Also below is a little commission I had an artist do for an anime ID.  It's my character Ryo, but she forgot the elf ears, so we can pretend it's 'human Ryo.'  Chibi cuteness!


OMG, Chibi-Lauren is so cute.  She was Registration Bitch and made all the reg. ID cards.  She is really little and made an adorable Ed from Cowboy Bebop, complete with Ein from the dealer's room.  She also cosplayed as Naru from Love Hina.

Kuroe as Duo (she has the long-ass braid behind her!), and Katy as Wufei singing karaoke.  Both characters from Gundam Wing.

Katy and Kuroe as Shinya from Dir en Grey (J-rock Band).  Kuroe with her "mana eyes" bookmark

Chrissy as a geisha, and an axe-weilding ewok, Kathy with an original costume, and the twins together!

Juli and Etienne.  Juli is dressed as Rin from a videogame called Drachen.

Cassie as Sephiroth (FFVII), Tiffany as White Mage (FFI), Jackie as Miyu (Vampire Princess Miyu), Emmy with an original costume, and Sango from InuYasha

It's Yuuki and Shuuichi from Gravitation!

Legolas and Aragorn (LotR), and Vash and Wolfwood (Trigun)

The Boffing Tournament!  Yay for foam weapons!

Tien's chalking of Kirito from Pierrot, and Gackt, and then our chalkboard full of random shit in the karaoke room!

A lovely parting shot: Gundam Deathsythe wreaking havoc on my poor kitty-bag.