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~Ryo's Trip to Japan~

So, in January 2004, after suffering through a semester of a class called "Kyoto Through the Ages," I was eligible to be a part of a class called "Kyoto, Then and Now," which consisted of a two week trip to Kyoto, Japan!  Let me just state for the record, that it was the most amazing experience of my life and I can't wait to go abroad to Kyoto for my junior year.  During our stay, we visited many sites that we had studied during the year, including many temples and shrines, and I was happy to be able to practice my Japanese with native speakers for once!  I took over 300 photographs on this trip (GYAH), 50 of which were deleted by my selfish, selfish digital camera (and it was 50 photos from a gorgeous day too >_<).  Below are most of the photographs I took on the trip, with explanations of each.  If you're into Japanese culture (which I assume as an anime fan visiting my page, you are), I hope that you too get the opportunity to go to Japan someday, because it was beyond incredible for me.

This page is still under construction.  Hopefully I'll get all the photos up soon, so please check back later!