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~Animated Livejournal Icons~

I've made all of these icons myself, using Adobe Imageready.  You're more than welcome to use any of these as an LJ icon, but since some of these took several hours to animate, I'd appreciate it if you'd like back the site somewheres for proper credit.  Also, feel free to alter most of these with text and the like (except for those already with text!), but be sure to credit me for the bases.  Thanks!

I do not recommend viewing this page for those with slower computers.  It's motion intensive and the loading alone will drastically slow your computer.  I apologize for the inconvenience.


~Shoujo Kakumei Utena~


~Neon Genesis Evangelion~


~Hikaru no Go~


~Vampire Princess Miyu~


~Yami no Matsuei~



~Sorcerer Hunters~


~Tenchi Muyo~


~Final Fantasy~


~Sailor Moon~


~Other Anime~