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Ok, the mascots of Shiroi Tsubasa ~ White Wing are not actually in any way related to wings, but they are so darned cute, I had to put a page up for the bunch.  The first two are named after Escaflowne characters, an obvious product of my obsession at the time.  Well, it started with Dilandau and went from there...


Dilandau ~ Tare Panda

Dilandau was our first mascot.  I bought him in Chinatown 2 years back and ever since then, he's been getting into one mess after another.  He's gotten lost at least 12 times, in hotels, behind my bed, under the grandfather clock, etc.  He had a nasty run-in with the neighbors' dog, and even survived a terrible ordeal involving some major Nantucket Nectar juice spillage.  But through it all, he's not too shabby.  A few washes later, he's as...well not as new, but you know what I mean.  Dilandau was dubbed 'the Crack Panda' by my friend Steph when I brought him on an overnight.  She claimed the dilated pupils were a sign of excessive drug use and that he was quote 'high.'  So, that nickname stuck too...


Van ~ Mashimaro

Mashimaro is a rabbit.  A very *deranged* rabbit if you've ever seen the episodes of him.  Watch them HERE.  Mashimaro is supposed to sound like 'marshmallow,' cause he's white and fluffy like one.  But don't get mislead, this thing drinks heavily and is a master of toilet humor and violence.  Heehee.  I got Mashimaro at Chinatown too.  He was a birthday gift from Michi.  Arigatou Michi-chan!  Van's a real punk, and wouldn't be caught dead without his trademark orange shades.  While Dilandau usually comes with me on my trips, Van prefers to stay home, keeping his gay lov--I mean, my teddy bear, Felix, company.


Eenen ~ Cinnamon Bun

When I went to Kyoto in January 2004, I came across (in The Cube in Kyoto Station) an adorable new plushie from Sanrio.  This bunny-thing is actually a dog called Cinnamon Bun because apparently, it likes eating cinnamon buns and it's tail looks swirly like one.  Anyway, I bought a little one for myself, and a slightly bigger one for my nephew, Shane.  They were SO soft!!!  But really pricey, as Japan will be.  My tiny one was 1000 yen (roughly 10 bucks)!  Anyways, in the "Plushie Tower" photo below, we have Katy's plushie kappa (only the Japanese can make a human-eating water demon so darn cute!) named Yeti, Dilandau (my tare panda, yes he came with me.  Van had to stay home and watch my room), and my cinnamon bun, Eenen.  Eenen means "ii naa" or "isn't it good" in Kansai-ben (Kansai region dialect) Japanese.  He got his name from a song titled "Eenen" by "Ulfuls," a song and band that Katy and I got obsessed with during the trip.  They're horrible but so addictive, karaoke madness!