~MMM AMV Winners~

Monthly Maniacal Mayhem Anime Music Videos!


1. VicBond007 for When Worlds Collide (Mononoke Hime)

2. Haruka of Otaku Productions for Children of Fate (X)

3. NHMK Anime Music Videos for Ninja Girl (Jubei-chan)

4. Aluminum Studios for Blue Mercury (Sailor Moon)

5. WizKid0304 for Engel (Evangelion)

6. Maboroshi Studios for Far and Away (Kare Kano)

7. Feanor's AMV's for A Thousand Years (Final Fantasy X)

8. Aokakesu Digital for Odorikuruu (Various)

9. Doki Doki Productions for Right Now Someone is Reading this Title (Various)

10. AbsoluteDestiny for Arima Shinjikun (Evangelion and Kare Kano)

11. ErMaC Studios for Tsugaru (Kenshin)