~Otakon 2003~

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From August 8-10, 2003, my good friend, Michi, and her younger sister Mel, attended Otakon 2003 in Baltimore, Maryland.  While I *would* have gone (you have no idea how much I wanted to go with her), but my sister was getting married on the 9th, and I was in the wedding party, so there was just no way.  I cried for a good two hours because of this.  Because, if you know who PLAYED at Otakon this year...oh god.  T.M.Revolution was there!  In freaking concert!  I missed the perfect opportunity to see my pretty Takanori...NOoooooOOOoooo...

Ok, so Michi was too lazy to send me any decent pics from Otakon 2003, so I swiped these from her Livejournal.  Maybe if I beg harder she'll send me all the awesome one's that I saw on her camera.  There were some very impressive cosplays.  Anyway, Michi is Arachne (the cross-dressing demon) and Mel is Kurai (the other cross-dressing demon) from Angel Sanctuary.  Their costumes were incredible and the wings came out really well.  Please excuse the blurriness of some of the photographs as their camera was weird.



Michi...on couch...all...seductive.  Hey, where are your wings, Arachne!

Michi and Mel, aww what cute little Demons!

Hey Michi found other AS cosplayers!  Oh boy did she ever...

Group pic 1, nice shot!  Love it!

Group pic 2, I love the Belial (Mad Hatter) in this pic!

 Squall and Irvine (FF8) will Yaoi for $$.  @_@