~Shin Shirayuki Hime Densetsu Pretear~

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Title: Shin Shirayuki Hime Densetsu Pretear

Translated: New Legend Snow White Pretear

Form of Anime: Series/Manga

Released in the U.S.: Yes

Ryo Dark says: Mmm, sexy boys in this one.  This is actually a take on the fairy tale, "Snow White," as evidenced through the seven Leafé Knights (like seven dwarves), and the series ending that seems right out of the Disney movie.  It's cute AND dark at the same time, so of course it's worth a look.  I heart Sasame.

This is an absolutely *adorable* (if slightly obscure) mahou shojo (magical girl) anime! It's about a young girl (about 16 years) named Himeno Awayuki. Her mother is dead, and her father has just remarried to a **very** wealthy widow with two girls of her own (can anyone say "Cinderella"? ^_^). This woman is so wealthy that the entire town was named after her late husband. But when Himeno's dad marries her, the entire town changes from " Hojoushiki" to "Awayuki Town", and that means *everything* -- the school, shopping center, even the radio station is now FM Awayuki! So naturally, Himeno feels a bit out of place -- going from living in a small house as the daughter of an unpopular author to living in a mansion, complete with servants, as the daughter of the most wealthy family in town.

Her stepsisters are also unhappy with this new change, and the elder, Mayune, takes this out on Himeno -- playing tricks on her and the like -- while the younger, Mawata, snubs her and pretends she doesn't exist. Himeno tries her best, however, and pretends not to care that she's being snubbed by everyone.

Meanwhile, there is a group of seven bishis looking for a special someone. This group of men and boys are what's called "Leafé Knights". These Knights protect the Leafé in the world (the 'life force', if you will) from the forces of Chaos, Fenrir. There are four adult Leafé Knights and three younger ones. The older ones are named Hayate, Sasame, Goh, and Kei; the younger ones are named Mannen, Hajime, and Shin. Hayate is the raven-haired, rather rude Wind Knight. Sasame is the white-tressed, sweetheart Knight of Sound, who works for FM Awayuki as a cover-up job. Goh, the firey-haired Knight of Fire (how appropriate ^_^) hides in plain sight working as a waiter. Kei, the blond, rather effeminate (he looks *exactly* Mihoshi of Tenchi Muyo! ^_^;;;;) Light Knight (hehe! he's a nightlight! ^_~), is a programmer at a computer-game company. Mannen is the white-haired Knight of Ice, who tries to be grown-up and a 'tough guy' (but it doesn't work too well ^_^). Hajime is a rather girly brunette (it took a while to figure out he was a guy!) and the Water Knight. Last, but not least, Shin is the absolutely *KAWAII* little blond Knight of...heart? I'm not really sure, but he puts up a barrier when they're fighting the creatures of Fenrir, called Mayouchuu.

Anyways, the Leafé Knights are looking for a girl who can become Prétear, to aid them in their fight against Fenrir. The problem is that without a Prétear, they aren't strong enough to beat Fenrir's forces on their own. So six of the Knights go out searching, and Hayate, who doesn't *want* to find Prétear, goes out walking. Himeno is at the same time running to school, not wanting to be late. She collides with Hayate, and imagine his utter surprise when, as he helps her to her feet, he feels the shock in his hand that signals that this girl is what the others are searching for!

So Himeno becomes Prétear, and must learn how to use her powers. Becoming Prétear involves doing something they call "Pré" -- Prétear and one of the Knights clasp right hands, and a 30-second NTS (nude transformation sequence!!) ensues, in which the Knight becomes a ball of light that enters Himeno, and then a costume appears on Himeno depending on which Knight she has joined with. She learns how to combat Fenrir and its ruler, Saihi... and then stuff happens. Watch it and find out!

Music: 4 stars out of 5 (incredibly catchy and sing-along-y! Adorable opening/closing, only problem is the repetition... not much variety)

Animation: 5 stars out of 5 (adorable! And full of bishiness! ^_~)

Plot: 5 stars out of 5 (really reels you in, and almost every episode is a cliff-hanger!)

Character Development: 5 stars out of 5 (deals intensely with the characters' emotions)

Overall: 5 stars out of 5 (Watch it! I command you!!)