~SSFFS Live-Action Chess Game 2003~

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On October 18, 2003, the Smith Science-Fiction and Fantasy Society (SSFFS, pronounced "sis-ah-fis") held their annual Live-Action Chess Game for Parent's Weekend.  Last year's theme was "The Undead VS Enemies of the Undead," and of course, dressing the part was required (yay for cosplay!).  This year's theme was voted to be "Ninjas VS Pirates" and heck, I'm ALL about that!  It was awesome.  Lemme give you the low-down.

Pirate Characters ~ Luffy from the anime "One Piece" (King), Captain Jack Sparrow of "Pirates of the Caribbean" (Queen), Captain Hook, Dread Pirate Roberts from the movie "The Princess Bride," William Turner of "Pirates of the Caribbean", Chris the Ninja Pirate of "Weebl and Bob."  And others...

Ninja Characters ~ Naruto from the anime "Naruto" (King), Cardboard-Tube Samurai from the webcomic "Penny Arcade," Akako and Kuroko the Red and Black Ninjas (original concept), Youji from the anime "Weiss Kreuz" (assassins counted too), Donatello from "Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles," and me, the Generic Ninja Pawn!  And others...

The Ninja team won both rounds of the game, but I never got the chance to take out a piece *or* get the chance to act out my dramatic death.  Sad, but I still had great fun staying in character!  We had little time to put together our costumes, so I cheated and bought one instead.  My entire costume (suit, tabi boots, hood, and nunchaku) came from http://www.tigerstrike.com/ and were pretty authentic (except for the fact that Ninjas don't really use nunchaku, but oh well).  I did a lot of research on Ninjas before the game, and you can view some stuff I learned at the bottom of the page.  Well, without further ado, the photos!  (And sorry that there are none of the actual game...my retarded digital camera deleted half of the photos I took >.<)

Whee I'm a Generic Ninja Pawn!  The photos were taken by my mom in my room and outside my house at Smith College.


Me, Melissa (Capt. Jack Sparrow of "Pirates of the Caribbean), and Melissa's sister, Shawna!


Meru-chan (Melissa as Captain Sparrow) says "This bullet was not meant for you," as I proceed to snap a photo ^.^  Hehe, Jack here is the *Queen* of the Pirate team.  How very appropriate!



Lauren-chan as Luffy from "One Piece" and Meru-chan again as Jack Sparrow.  I mean, *Captain* Jack Sparrow!



Lauren-chan again, posing as the resiliant Luffy, the King of the Pirate team!



Luffy and her "crew..."  The girl on the far left was the player for the Pirate team, directing them where to move.


Chrissy as Naruto and Lauren as Luffy, the Ninja and Pirate Kings, respectively.  Nice poses, girls!



Kuri-chan (Chrissy) as Naruto again.  I loved her headband!


My anime and J-rock loving friend, Katie, as Yuffie from Final Fantasy 7, on the Ninja team!


My J-rock friend, Kuroe-chan (Chloe) as Youji from Weiss Kreuz.  Don't worry folks, she doesn't really smoke, lol.  She even has the piano wire Youji uses to kill, in her left hand!



Paige as the ever-fruity William (or Will) Turner from "Pirates of the Caribbean."  We made her and Jack Sparrow pose dirty together hehe.  She says "Wait!  I'm not out of the closet yet!  ...oh crap."



Kathy as The Cardboard Tube Samurai from "Penny Arcade!"  Yes, Kathy and Chrissy *are* twins, okay?  Nice nice costume hehe, I love Penny Arcade.



The back of Kathy's costume.  Yay for Pac-Man!



Kuroko and Akako, the Black and Red Ninjas (their names mean "black child" and "red child").  This was an original concept the two girls came up with, and they did a nice job!



Oh this is a hoot!  Shannon as Donatello, the goofy, orange, nunchaku-wielding, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle.  She made everything there herself, shell, nunchaku, er...carapace...and all.



The "future" Dread Pirate Roberts from "The Princess Bride."  I say "future" because it is really Indigo Montoya!



Me and Akako...I was intrigued by her claws lol.  And I love her hair!!


The group picture of the Ninjas, I'm in the center back.  Sorry I don't have one for the Pirates, but that was one of the pictures my stupid camera decided to delete!  >_<


Just a random group shot before the game began.


Random group shot number two.


My mom took this photo while the game was in play.  While I have no shots of anybody getting dramatically killed (;_;), at least this gives you an idea of what the game looked like.


Hehe, that's me kneeling there...the pawns were forced to kneel the whole time, and damn did my knees hurt, but I still managed to stay in character.  XD



忍者 The kanji for "Ninja" is quite interesting.  The first character means "hidden" or "concealment" and the second character is "person."  Thus, ninja means one who is hidden.  This embodies much of the ninja's behavior.  They are assassins, and thus, study the art of killing with secrecy.  Their martial art is known as "Ninjutsu."  They are known for their stealth, dress in all black to blend with the darkness, and, contrary to popular belief, do *not* use katanas or other long swords.  The Ninjas favor weapons that are either small and easy to conceal (such as the shuriken or "throwing stars," and small knives) or weapons that would not draw attention to them.  For example, a hand-held scythe was common farming tool in Japan.  Ninjas would use the scythe as is, or attach it to a chain.  Ninjas lived in clans and were hired by the Daimyo to assassinate opposing generals and the like.  However, there are no historically documented accounts of an assassination by a Ninja, and perhaps they are more of an intimidation than an actual threat, but who knows.