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Next update: Sometime in early August

Right click the file name and say 'save target as' to download.  And only download one at a time please!

Note: Quality ratings are poor, fair, good, great, perfect


~Poll Winner~

Well okay, there hasn't been a poll up for a while, so here's a random opening for you, Weiss Kreuz Gluhen.  Nice action, rockin' song, beautiful animation.  Hope you like it!  And be sure to vote in the new poll for next update!

Download: Weiss Kreuz Gluhen ~ Opening (mpg file)

Size: ~14.9 MB

Video Quality: Perfect!


~Monthly Maniacal Mayhem AMV~

I just decided that, since YOU get to vote and request the monthly video, that I should be able to share with you quality works that I find to be particularly enjoyable.  What am I talking about?  Simply, AMV's my dear Watson!  Once a month I will put up an anime music video I find to be original and a darn-good piece of work.

This month, the honor goes to Tidirium Studios!

Anime: Various

Music: Vampires by Godsmack, Various songs by E Nomine

Download: AMV ~ Vampires (avi file)

Size: ~60.4 MB

Video Quality: Perfect!

Go to the AMV Website: http://www.tidirium-studio.net/

Commentary: This AMV was shown at Anime Boston 04, which is how I first saw it.  My recent obsession with Vampires made this an instant favorite for me, but it's also incredibly well made.  Featuring such animes as Hellsing, Blood, Vampire Princess Miyu, and Vampire Hunter D, this MV also combines more than one song, making it rather long, but not at all boring.  Action-packed and well timed, this makes for an entertaining and dark AMV.



Okay, another opening for you, this one from Fruits Basket.  Very calm, quiet song, to a very calm, quiet opening vid.  It's a pretty dull video, but the song "For Fruits Basket" is cute in moderation.  Kinda the complete opposite of the Weiss Kreuz Gluhen opening above!  But I love this series for all its awesome shoujo-ness.  And everyone always seems to be bugging me to post this, so enjoy!

Download: Fruits Basket - Opening (avi file)

Size: ~6.36 MB

Video Quality: Good to Great.  It's a little bit pixelly, but not bad.