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~Japanese Word/Phrase o' the Week~

What is the point of this page?  I have no idea, just that every week, I'll have a Japanese word or phrase that I think is useful or humorous.  =^.^=  Therefore, this is J-WEEKLY!  I study Japanese and have been loving and learning it for over three years now.  I'll never claim to be very good, but my major in college is Japanese, so let's hope I can communicate with reasonable accuracy.  Come learn Japanese from...me!  x.X;

Note: I put kanji characters directly on the webpage.  To view these correctly you need  Japanese language settings on your computer or a Japanese word-processing program, otherwise they appear as boxes or funky symbols.

Kanji  [Hiragana]  Romanji ~ English


Sonna ni nekura ni nattenai de!  Odorou yo!  Tanjoubi da!

Don't be so depressing! Let's dance! It's your birthday!

It's been a while since I've posted a long random sentence like this.  So here you go.  You don't really learn anything with this, it's just supposed to be silly.  Hell, I dare you to go around Japan saying it.  That thought entertains me.  Sorry if this one's dull though, I'm too lazy to give you something educational...or the kanji...or explanations of the words.  Oh well!  Next week is #50, so I'll have to think of something good!!



~Past Entries~

1) Himitsu ~ Secret

2) Shinu hodo hazukashii yo!  Obaa-chan mambiki shitere toki tsukamatchatte saa! ~ I'm so embarassed I could die!  They caught granny shoplifting!

3) Teishukanpaku ~ Tyrannical Husband

4) The Otaku-Speak Battle Sequence

5) Sorosoro ~ Soon

6) Mori ~ Forest/Woods

7) Fuzekeruna! ~ Don't kid with me!

8) Chou ~ Very//Maji ~ Really?

9) Bara ~ Rose

10) Anta baka ~ You idiot

11) Suki ~ Like//Kirai ~ Hate

12) Wasureru ~ To forget

13) Hohoemi ~ A smile

14) Raabu Retaa ~ Love Letter (see picture HERE)

15) Tanoshii! ~ Fun!

16) Tokoro dokoro ~ Here and there

17) Betsu ni ~ Nothing

18) Kami-sama ~ God//Megami ~ Goddess

19) Joudan ~  Jest, joke

20) O-tanjoubi omedetou ~ Happy birthday

21) Mukashi mukashi ~ Once upon a time

22) Hisashiburi de ~ Long time, no see

23) Ryokou ~ Travel, trip

24) Usagi ~ Rabbit

25) Momo ~ Peach//Sumomo ~ Plum

26) Chokan ~ Intuition

27) Otaku ~ House

28) Okaasan ~ Mother

29) Daigaku ~ College

30) Asameshi Mae ~ Piece of Cake!

31) Ninja ~ Ninja//Kaizoku ~ Pirate

32) Osoreru ~ To fear

33) Gaikokujin ~ Foreigner

34) Iku ~ To go

35) Otearai ~ Washroom (Bathroom)

36) Ana ga attara hairitai ~ I want to crawl in a hole and die

37) Kansai ben Lesson!

38) Chi ~ Blood

39) Rainbow ~ Niji (and Colours!)

40) Shukudai ~ Homework

41) Kaimono o suru ~ To shop//Kaimasu ~ To buy

42) Namakemono ~ Lazy//Tsukareru ~ To be exhausted//Nemui ~ Sleepy//Neru ~ To sleep

43) Tadaima ~ I'm home//Okaeri nasai ~ Welcome home

44) Itte kimasu ~ I'm leaving//Itte rasshai ~ Please go and come back

45) Yasumi ~ Vaction, break//Yasumu ~ To rest

47) Mamori ~ Protection, defense//Mamoru ~ To protect

48) Oyogu ~ To swim

49) Sonna ni nekura ni nattenai de!  Odorou yo!  Tanjoubi da! ~ Don't be so depressing! Let's dance! It's your birthday!




What will next week's word or phrase be? 

Chibi-Xellos says: "Sore wa himitsu desu!"