~Witch Hunter Robin~

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Title: Witch Hunter Robin

Translated: N/A

Form of Anime: Series

Released in the U.S.: Yes

Ryo Dark says: I have yet to watch all the episodes Mystfire burned for me, but I am intrigued by the dark style in this one.

I really liked this series. It's realistic fantasy -- the plotline could be taking place as we speak, and we'd never know it! In the series, there is a secret organization that sort of works with the police, but they only investigate homicides that have unnatural causes -- those who have been killed by witches. All of the members of this team have some sort of powers themselves, some more obscure than others. The main character, Robin Sena, is a fifteen-year-old girl who is new to STN-J (which is the name of the Japanese branch of the organization), from the headquarters of Solomon (the main branch). Her power is lighting fires -- she can set fire to just about anything! She is partnered with the group's 'all-star,' Amon (last name unknown), who doesn't seem to have any powers of his own, but he's very cool nonetheless.

The other members of STN-J include Doujima Yurika (all of the Japanese names are given last name first, and they call each other by last name, except Michael and Robin), a young woman who at first just fools around, not taking the job seriously (that changes later); Chief Kosaka -- you never learn his name -- who just walks around being angry at Doujima and drinking tea made by Hattori, his secretary/bitch; Karasuma Miho, who's an Empath; Michael Lee, an amazing hacker who's basically 'chained' to STN-J and not allowed to leave the building because he was caught hacking into the system by Zaizen, 'The Boss' (his motives and feelings are mostly unknown until the end of the series); and Sakaki Haruto, whose powers are also unknown. Also an important character in the series is Harry, owner and manager of "Harry's," a restaurant that the characters frequent, and who is always available to give advice and drop some hints on the witches they Hunt.

In the first few episodes -- I'd say until about episode eight -- the pace is rather slow. These episodes deal with just the Hunts (capital 'H') that the members go on, capturing the bad witches using this thing called Orbo (you don't find out exactly what Orbo is until the end of the series, so I won't give that away ^.~). But after that initial slowness, which I think is still important because it shows how STN-J and the people in it work, the pace quickens. There is a plot, first seemingly against Robin, then perhaps against STN-J. Amon gets captured... or does he? and just where do his true loyalties lie? Is he really going to Hunt Robin?! Have to watch to find out!

Music: 4 stars out of five! (Opening and closing songs are really wonderful, other music a little repetitive but appropriate with the tone of the series.)

Animation: 5 stars out of five! (not very 'pretty', but more of a realism that's really quite nice. Very well drawn.)

Plot: 5 stars out of five! (After the initial slowness, this anime *really* draws you in, and keeps you on the edge of your seat!)

Character Development: 5 stars out of five! (All the characters have a lot of depth, and you see more than one side to many of them)

Overall: 4.75 stars out of five! (I highly recommend watching this!)